You have not lived if you have yet to visit the bakery in the University of Delaware's Caesar Rodney dining hall. Complete with full-time bakery employees, Caesar Rodney is constantly and consistently putting out freshly baked cakes, cupcakes, pies, crumbles, cookies and brownies. The desserts are not only absolutely delicious, but are also always beautifully decorated and themed. On one occasion, breakfast was being served for dinner, so the dessert was cupcakes with mini chocolate-chip pancakes on top. 

chocolate, cookie, cream, cake
Madison Newman

Depending on the season or upcoming holiday, the bakers at CR intricately ice the cakes and cupcakes to be very festive. Baring rose patterns in the spring, bees and chicks around Easter, and witches near Halloween, the cupcakes never disappoint. With an extreme sweet, I crave extremely sweet and sugary icing, and I have been very impressed with what the dining hall has to offer. Recently, CR's bakery consisted of four different flavored cupcakes: pumpkin spice, apple pie, salted caramel, and birthday cake, and I was definitely on a sugar rush.

Madison Newman

The cake of each cupcake tasted like it should, but the icing on top of them was even more fitting. The apple pie cupcake had apple buttercream flavored icing with brown sugar crumbles and apple pie filling in the center was a perfect compliment.

cake, cream
Madison Newman

It's not just the students who love these sugary confections. The bakers in the Caesar Rodney Dining Hall are giving you their A-game.

"Often in between meals, I bake new flavors of cupcakes in order to try new combinations. If I have extra time, I will decorate each one by hand or make an icing to match its theme," one of the bakers said.

The sugar rush doesn't stop at cupcakes, Caesar Rodney is also known for its wide variety of UDairy ice-cream, located at the end of the bakery area. If you are really lucky, you may just be there on a day when a fall flavor like Apple Cinnamon Doughnut is being served, but there is no guarantee. Sometimes the bakery is stocked with desserts and at other moments it seems to put out the same things as the day before. So for now, may the dessert odds be ever in your flavor.