For months, byCHLOE. was simply a far away paradise that I experienced vicariously through my Instagram feed. However, as of February 23rd, the new vegan restaurant found a home in the Boston Seaport (and soon Fenway), allowing the foodies of Mass to experience all the rage.

The Background Story

Abby Caron

For those of you who haven't come across this utopia, byCHLOE. is a vegan-based, plant-based restaurant. The carefully crafted menu takes some all-time favorites and makes them as healthy (and delicious) as possible. The magic began when vegetarian and vegan Chloe Coscarelli won Cupcake Wars, making her the first vegan chef to win a food-based competition on TV (Chloe is pretty badass). This victory led to multiple cookbooks which led to, you guessed it, the opening of byCHLOE. The primary locations in New York City have expanded to Los Angeles and now Boston. #blessed

The Restaurant

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Abby Caron

byCHLOE.'s aesthetically pleasing interior makes for an A+ Insta, from the swinging chairs to the succulent lined brick walls. The restaurant includes a grab-and-go section with salads and juices as well as counter service "fast food." While the main menu, including smoothies, salads, burgers, fries, pasta and sandwiches, is available all week, byCHLOE. also has a brunch menu available on Saturdays and Sundays until 4pm. This menu has everything you could possibly want after your hungover, weekend-morning spin class. Smoothie bowls. Pancakes. Hash browns. You name it. Just don't forget to add the cold brew coffee to your order. 

The Recommendations

Abby Caron

The Guac Burger: A black bean, quinoa, sweet potato burger topped with salsa, guac, tortilla chips and chipotle aioli. This burger has me questioning if I ever need to eat meat again. Unlike every other burger I've eaten, I actually felt...good... after eating this. Very confused. Very amazed. Definitely not going to question it. 

The Air-Baked Fries: These could have gone either way: obsession-worthy delicious or "eh." PSA: I have developed a new obsession. While these weren't McDonald's (as expected), they were especially crispy for air-baked fries and definitely much healthier than the alternative. Try them with the chipotle aioli. You won't have any regrets. 

The Smashed Avocado Toast: Imagine the best avocado toast you've ever had. This is better than that. Fresh avo. Almond parm. Seasonal veggies. All on whole grain toast that doesn't taste like cardboard. byCHLOE. is onto something big with this avocado toast. 

The Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcake: All I have to say is wow. How are these even real? One bite into this cupcake and the raspberry tiramisu filling is literally bursting from the center. Finished with raspberry frosting, chocolate bits and a raspberry, I've fallen in love with this adorable little cupcake. Also willing to spend the very small amount of money I have in my wallet on these. #collegelife

In just two years, byCHLOE. has taken off and created a world where healthy food can be good food. I've been dreaming of this since I discovered metabolism. Whether you're in NYC, LA, Boston or have access to an airport, go to byCHLOE. right now. You can thank me (and Chloe) later.