By CHLOE owner Samantha Wasser has officially made junk food... healthy? This New Yorker has created a vegan empire throughout New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and soon Providence, Rhode Island. It's time to say goodbye to our beloved Burger King Whoppers and our McDonald's french fries and save some room in our tummies for guac burgers and pesto meatball subs.

Eating healthy doesn't have to be a struggle anymore now that by CHLOE is on its way to Providence, Rhode Island. Who needs a quinoa kale salad when you can be eating a burger with fries. Or their bacon mac 'n cheese, maybe? This New York City-based restaurant has expanded its way throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, and LA, and has now found a new home right on Thayer Street! This is what the vegan millennials want— affordable and aesthetically pleasing grain bowls and green juices for their Instagram pages.

As a New York native, it's great to see a bit of home in little Providence. By CHLOE should be another great vegan/vegetarian option for those straying away from animal products or for those who are wanting to try something new.

Their menu varies greatly, and isn't serving up just vegan burgers and our beloved avocado toast, but items such as their warm kale artichoke dip with almond parmesan and tortilla chips, pesto meatball subs, and a daily selection of sweets and treats.

It's not just the food that attracts the hundreds of people to the restaurant each day, but their interior, too. Their notable neon light fixtures and beautiful green succulent plants are definitely a bonus when it comes to taking Instagram photos.

By CHLOE also distributes a selection of guilty sweet treats that are all natural, 100 percent plant based, kosher and 100 percent homemade. Chill by CHLOE offers vegan ice cream by the pint in flavors like salted peanut butter with homemade jelly, ube smore's with chocolate graham crackers and toasted marshmallows, and even kale cookies + cream with dark chocolate wafer cookies (now that's how I like to get my veggies in). Other desserts include Boston cream pies, strawberry shortcake, and even dessert push pops in birthday cake, matcha coconut, and double chocolate flavors. 

Don't worry, by CHLOE didn't forget about your furry friends either. Organic oat "pupcakes" for $1.95 and house-made peanut butter dog bones for $5 are available to purchase for our K-9 companions and even for us humans. These treats are sold individually and in take home bags. With each bag sold $1 will be donated to The Humane Society, the nation's largest and most effective animal protection organization. You can even make your own by CHLOE dog bones at home, using their recipe on their website. Your dogs will definitely approve!

Personally, for breakfast, I recommend grabbing one of their smoothies or a smoothie bowl with coconut granola and fresh berries. If you're feeling a bit naughty, buy one of their HUGE cinnamon rolls, because you are in control of your life and you can have dessert for breakfast.

For lunch, get their mac 'n cheese (get a large and don't share), a kale caesar with avocado, and maybe a side of sweet potato fries (yum).

By CHLOE is by far the perfect place to binge on healthy junk food, wether you're a vegan or a meat lover!