It’s November, and classes are in full swing. You’ve been slaving over your classes and homework, hanging out around campus, and making friends. But suddenly, at dinner, you realize: When was the last time you’ve gone out?

No, no. Not that type of “gone out” (let’s be real, that happens enough)– gone out for food. When’s the last time you’ve treated yourself to non-dining hall, unaffiliated-to-your-school, not conveniently on campus, food?

With a horrific epiphany, you realize the answer is never. Everything’s been provided for you on campus. Meal plans, dining halls and dining points. Why wander off campus for food?

The reason: Boston is an amazing place for food. It’s a culinary mecca that people journey to from across the country (and world) to visit. You’re lucky enough to go to school here. You owe it to your family and friends back home to explore this city, and tell them your findings. They’ll thank you.

Now that you’re on board, what do you do? You explore. With this handy list of what places to hit in which neighborhoods, not only will your tastebuds be singing, but you’ll get to know your new home of Boston a little bit better.

1. Mike’s Pastries, North End

Chocolate-chip cannolis ?

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What to see: The Boston Harbor, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Boston Public Market

It’s almost a crime to be in Boston and not tries Mike’s Pastries. Located in the historic North End, going to Mike’s will give you an eye full alongside a stomach full. Not only will the smell of sweets have you drooling, but the variety of desserts will render you indecisive. Try to not let your hunger get the best of you, these pastries are massive. 

Since it’s a big tourist attraction, Mike’s can get especially busy during the weekend. Try to go during the week to avoid massive lines.

2. Darwin Ltd., Cambridge

What to see: Harvard Square and Harvard Yard

Located right by the prestigious Harvard University, Darwin’s Ltd. provides that cozy coffeeshop vibe with petite pick-me-up sweets and an affordable price range. Feel free to grab a hot coffee and do some homework, or swing by for a quick snack between errands.

3. Thornton’s, Kenmore

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What to see: The Museum of Fine Arts

Hopefully you’re into brunch just as much as I am. Maybe you’re just as broke as I am, too. Look no further for a place to grab a cheap yet delicious brunch. At Thornton’s, the portion sizes are ridiculously large, and the prices are reminiscent of a diner. Not to mention that the food is absolutely delicious.

4. Flour, Copley Square

off campus

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What to see: Copley Square and the Boston Public Library

Missing that bakery from back home? Miss it no more with Flour, a modern twist on your average bakery. They have locations by Copley Square and in the South End, so no matter where you are, you won’t be too far. It’s the best place to get your caffeine fix and indulge in that sweet tooth craving. It’s most popular hours are during the afternoon, so if you want to beat the crowd, try to aim for around 3pm onward.

5.  Roxy’s, Allston

What to see: Charles River

Grilled cheese fans, rejoice. Roxy’s in Allston not only dishes out amazing grilled cheeses, but also serves to those wanting a twist on the typical grilled cheese. They even have options for vegans. Not sold on the grilled cheese part? They have burgers and poutine. Ditch the dining hall for lunch, and grab one of these sandwiches. Can’t get to deep Allston and back to class on time? You can easily find their food trucks cruising around campus throughout the day.

6. Dirty Water Dough Co., Newbury Street

Lots of veggie options out today just in case the Easter bunny decides to drop by #happyeaster

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What to see: Newbury Street boutiques

Maybe you’re simple, and just want the staple food of all college kids: pizza. At Dirty Water Dough Co., one bite will have you hooked. With their amazing flavors and variety, but consistent deliciousness, you won’t need to search for a place to satisfy your drunken (and sober) urges for pizza. Once you load up on pizza, walk it off by visiting the many boutiques on Newbury Street.

So regardless of whether you’re visiting all of these restaurants or just one, you’ll soon be exploring the landmarks, and adventuring the food culture that is Boston.