If you're a college student, you know how important ballin' on a budget is. Luckily, there are some places in Burlington where you can get amazing food without taking a hit to your wallet. Here are the seven best cheap eats spots in Burlington! 

Henry's Diner (115 Bank St.) 

You want eggs? You want french toast? You never want to leave Henry's Diner hungry? Sounds about right.

Henry's Diner is a staple of the hungover college student experience. Their diverse menu offers everything from sweet to savory, as well as some lunch options and sandwiches. But who goes to a diner for lunch food, anyways? At Henry's, you can pick up a full breakfast for under $10, making it an affordable way to refuel after a tough night out. 

The Shopping Bag (166 North St.) 

I credit this suggestion to my friend Derek, who told me that the Shopping Bag has the best burger in Burlington. Their signature burgers come in at less than $8 each and are filled with all the greasy goodness that burgers should be. While you can certainly go for "The Sizzler," a half-pound of beef, bacon, provolone & american cheese, seasoning, and veggie toppings, you can also go for creative options like "The Don:" a half-pound patty with mozzerella sticks, provolone, Italian seasoning, marinara, and pepperoni on a garlic-butter bun.

Henry St. Deli (11 Henry St.) 

Truly an institution in the Burlington area- especially in terms of their breakfast sandwiches. You can pick up one on your way to class for less than $5. Almost everyone who lives downtown has been to this deli at least once and can vouch for its quality.

Mr. Mike's Pizza (206 Main St.)

Mr. Mikes is another long-time establishment of the Burlington pizza scene. Their cheese-pizza-by-the-slice goes for $3 and you can get a whole pizza for less than $20. Is it the best pizza you'll ever have? Probably not, but it tastes pretty darn good, according to drunk college students. 

Taco Gordo (208 N. Winooski Ave)

You mean to tell me there's a place in Burlington where I can get real, flavorful tacos that aren't just crappy tortillas filled with more sour cream than toppings? Check out Taco Gordo on N. Winooski to fulfill all of your taco-y dreams. Their tacos go for between $2 and $5 each and are served with fresh cilantro, onion, and an All Souls Tortilla. Burritos are $8 and can be mixed-and-matched with your favorite toppings. With a place like Taco Gordo in town, why would you ever want to go to Chipotle?

Handy's Lunch (74 Maple St.)

Handy's Lunch brings a small-town feel to Burlington through food. It opened in 1945 and continues to bring warm food to the people. Their traditional diner menu features a wealth of options from french toast to chef salads. If you're feeling really hungry, you can go for the "Chuck Norris:" a sandwich with five slices of french toast, four eggs, cheese, bacon, ham, sausage, a burger, AND corn beef ($16.75). This sandwich is so infamous that Casey Webb of Man vs. Food even ventured to Burlington to try it out! 

Pho Hong (325 N. Winooski Ave) 

Pho Hong is guaranteed to be some of the best Vietnamese food you'll ever have. It's one of my favorite places to take my parents and Burlington newbies. 

Pho Hong features a diverse menu of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), entrees, rice dishes, and appetizers. You're bound to find something on the menu that you'll enjoy!