There's not a whole lot of Jewish fare to eat in Austin - that is, until Jewboy came into the picture. Serving up Jewish burgers and fried potato pancakes called latkes, Jewboy puts its own unique twist on your classic American burger and fries.

Mo Pittle, founder and owner of the new food truck JewBoy Burgers, has perfected the latke recipe and created innovative hamburger combos. Pittle was raised in El Paso, TX, where he grew up with some of the best Mexican food in Texas. With his Jewish heritage and the spicy flavors south of the border, he combined the two to open a burger joint no one can resist. Here are some of the top sellers on the menu.

The Goyim 

cheese, bread
Lauren Rubenstein

For those that don't know, in the Jewish tradition, a Jewish person dating a non-Jew is called a Goyim. This funny take on a hamburger contains all non-kosher items such as bacon, grilled pastrami and melted Swiss cheese. This burger was my absolute favorite and I couldn't wait to take my next bite.

The Jew Boy Burger

This classic melt-in-your-mouth burger tastes even better with some spicy ketchup. The juicy meat with the cheese, pickles, mustard, and lettuce make the perfect combination on a soft potato roll bun. Order a latke on the side for an unconventional twist on French fries. 

The Mero Mero Mo Burger

Go big or go home. This towering greasy meat-loving burger has 2/3 pounds of meat topped with four slices of cheese and all the regular toppings. With double the meat and double the cheese who wouldn't want to dig right in? 

The Oye Vay Guey

The Yiddush saying "Oye Vay" is defined as an exclamation, and that is exactly what you'll be doing when this burger is put in front of you. With a hefty amount of jack cheese and fresh green chiles, this burger packs some heat, but it's ultimately worth it.


Now it's time for some latkes. Fresh out of the fryer, this must-try potato pancake is a Jewish staple. Ask for some queso on the side because the combo will blow your mind.

Green Chile and Cheese Latke

If you like a little kick in your bite, the green chile and cheese latke is the one for you. Green chile and cheese is a typical southwestern treat that's great with every meal, and is inspired by Pittle's upbringing. This warm, crispy latke has a flavorful interior that has a little bit of spice to excite your palate. 

Jew Boy Burgers is a great place to bring a group of friends to get some great food and enjoy a fun atmosphere. Don't forget to try the other delicious burgers and get a good laugh at their names.