Newbury Street is probably one of my favorite places to hit up over the weekend, especially for brunches. As a brunch enthusiast myself, I love trying out the newest and trendiest brunch spots, although my wallet definitely doesn't love it too much. 

1. Sonsie Boston

Sonsie Boston is hands down one of my favorite places to brunch at. Although the food is a little pricey, it's worth the splurge. If you're looking for a place to go during the weekend to destress from workload, it's the way to go.

My personal favorite is the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict (the poached egg is always cooked to perfection). If you have a sweet tooth, try out the french toast. It's topped with rum bananas and drizzled in caramel sauce. 

2. Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Trident Booksellers & Cafe is perfect for those who are looking for comfort brunch food. This quirky place serves all-day breakfast, open until midnight. It's also a bookstore.

If you're up for savory, greasy, comforting brunch food, perhaps maybe after a night out, definitely go for the Potato Chuckwagon. It's the ultimate breakfast-of-champions, overloaded with cheddar and shredded potatoes. On top of that, all the dishes are under $13.

3. The Met Back Bay

The Met Back Bay is located in a historical brick house, built in 1877, but you'd never know from the modern metropolitan decor. They're known for American fare and a seriously boozy brunch.

They became particularly famous for the Crafty Mary that is only available on Saturday and Sunday. Basically, it's a Bloody Mary topped with a variety of nibbles like a slider and pickles. If you're not 21, order their Salmon Cured Flatbread. 

4. Cafe Jaffa

If you're looking for something more exotic for brunch, Cafe Jaffa will satiate those cravings. Cafe Jaffe is a Middle Eastern restaurant, and overall serves savory food.

For brunch, your options are items like hummus and tahini dips, chicken kebabs with yellow rice, and their famous falafel plate. The chicken kebab is my favorite, as it was served on a sizzling iron skillet with a medley of roasted vegetables. 

5. Stephanie's On Newbury

Stephanie's On Newbury is arguably the most famous spot for brunch in Boston. In fact, this was the first place I ever brunched at when I first moved here. People usually head over to Stephanie's for Sunday brunch, and it gets packed real quick.

Make sure you have a reservation. To get the classic Stephanie's brunch experience, order the Eggs Shakshuka. If you've never had Shakshuka, it's a tomato and egg dip with bits of jalapeño served on a skillet. 

6. Itadaki

Last but not least, Itadaki is a Japanese restaurant with a great brunch menu. If you're up for something filling and wholesome, get the bento boxes that are filled with sushi, unagi, terriyaki chicken, or grilled salmon.

On the other hand, if you're looking for something a little lighter, then go for the Omu-rice