Looking for brunch spots in Atlanta? Some restaurants might pop up on Google, but others can be a bit camera shy.

In this article, I would like to share with you a restaurant that I found in Emory Village, a hub for major restaurants and stores, and another in a desolate alley (that I did not realize was an alley until after the fact). 

We'll dive right in to these hidden and un-hidden gems so you can share the experience of sinking your teeth into a  berry french toast and a lox bagel - just as I did. 

First stop: Emory Village.

The General Muir

Sydney Barish

This modern New York Jewish deli-inspired joint has all of the staples for a laid back Sunday brunch- but be sure to make a reservation if you do not want to order your grub to-go.

If you're from New York City like me, it's the closest thing you'll find to a good New York style bagel here in Atlanta and let me tell you, it pleases the palette. I got a sesame bagel with cream cheese, lox, pickled onion, and fresh dill. I would absolutely recommend this place if you're looking for a lazy Sunday brunch to restore your energy before going back to a busy week!

There's no missing this bagel joint-- when you've encountered a restaurant with a large green awning and a line out the door, you've hit the jackpot. 

But what you're more likely to miss is a small brunch place located on a side street on Piedmont Avenue just a 15 minute away from Atlanta's well-known Piedmont Park. 


Campagnolo is a casual Italian restaurant that serves everything from warm, soft french toast, to veggie filled frittatas, to creative pasta bowls. There's something for everyone - even your pickiest eater. Pictured here is a challah french toast topped with fresh whipped cream, berry compote, candied walnuts and of course, sweet and sticky maple syrup. 

Sydney Barish

This restaurant is one that I could not relocate off the top of my head - but those places always tend to be the best. There's something to be said about finding a restaurant that even locals have never heard of...in a weird way I feel like it belongs to me!

If you have more of a savory palette, let me indulge you in another photograph of a dish made with the unarguably superior pasta shape: orecchiette. It is dressed with some olive oil, salt, basil, cherry tomatoes, and shredded parmesan cheese. 

Sydney Barish

Brunch in Atlanta is an experience that I like to have at least once a month, and I encourage you join in on the fun. So I've given you two options and there is no wrong answer. I say, go to both and get the best of both worlds! The pasta-bilities are endless, so no matter what you choose you'll thank me a brunch. 

For more suggestions on where to find the best eats in Atlanta check out this article. You're bound to find a piece of home wherever you go, so go off and explore!