Is brunch really brunch without mimosas? Did you really have to think about that question? Not that I’m encouraging drinking here, but let’s be real people. In the words of a wise friend, “Brunch without booze is just a sad breakfast.” Don’t let your chicken and waffles be sad. Be a good friend and order a damn mimosa already.

So where are the best places to eat this most glorious meal?

1. Anvil Pub


Photo by Knox Keith

F*ck Brunch. Say what? F*ck Brunch is the creation of Anvil Pub’s co-owner Loc Holman. This 32-oz. Bloody Mary complete with sliders, cheese, and sometimes crayfish, may be the biggest and most ridiculous drink in Dallas. Prepare to be amusingly intoxicated.

2. Breadwinners


Photo by Kevin Micalizzi

Breadwinners epitomizes the classic “Dallas brunch.” If you haven’t experienced the deliciousness that is Breadwinners, get your phone and text yourself a “shake my head” emoji right now. Have you been living under a rock? Get in your car, order the chicken and waffles, and thank me later.

3. Dragonfly at Hotel Zaza


Photo by Robert Bostick

Every third Sunday, Hotel Zaza holds Sunday School, an over-the-top event with champagne, sparklers, dancers, people in costumes, and a whole lot of fun. For those who want to keep the party going, you know what to do.

4. HG SPLY Co.


Photo courtesy of

The cranberry and pecan muffins are the most heavenly muffins I have ever eaten. Order a side of the sweet potato hash too and you may never eat brunch anywhere else ever again. The addiction is real. Carafes are $9. They do serve regular mimosas, but being normal is overrated. Order a mimosa with St. Germain, French liqeur flavored with elderflowers.

5. Oddfellows


Photo by John Tornow

This Oak Cliff hot spot is perfect for a quaint brunch. Order the egg white scramble with veggie sausage, the angry frito pie, or the banana cream french toast.