After years of brunching here in Eugene, we can assure you that these spots have a dish to fulfill all of your wildest brunch desires. If Ron Swanson can’t sway you to enjoy some bacon and eggs, then this list will show you where your next Sunday is to be spent.

If you’re a University of Oregon student, you know these spots are killer. If you’re here visiting or want to show off all that Eugene has to offer, then look no further.

1. Cornbread Cafe


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Known for being 100% vegan, Cornbread Cafe has insane southern comfort charm. If Guy Fieri is telling you to eat here, then you most definitely need to eat here.

2. Studio One Cafe


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If you enjoy hollandaise sauce, Studio One will have your heart. This place has a plethora of dishes that come smothered in hollandaise. I can promise you that the world’s worst hangover will be cured by the Animal House Benedict.

3. Off The Waffle


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Two brothers began Of the Waffle due to how inspired they were by the food while growing up in Belgium. You can order a signature Liège waffle on its own, or spice it up with savory or sweet toppings. Pictured above is the Goat In Headlights and it’s highly recommended.

4. The Original Pancake House


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If you’re tryin’ to be OG, please take our advice when we say go eat breakfast here. The Original Pancake House recently extended their hours till 8 p.m. which is an absolute game changer. Banana pancakes for dinner anyone?

5. The Vintage


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The Vintage is a quaint restaurant located downtown that keeps it fresh and simple. A popular pairing is The Parisan crepes with a bellini on the side. You’ll be feelin’ on top of the world after that meal.

6. Glenwood Restaurant


Photo courtesy of @spoon_uoregon on Instagram

There’s a reason why Glenwood is packed on Sunday mornings, and it’s not because Bernie Sanders was spotted there. You can’t go wrong with anything on this breakfast menu because all items come with a heaping side of potatoes, bacon or sausage. Ron Swanson would definitely approve.

7. Brail’s Restaurant


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Nothing says a hangover in Eugene like Brail’s on the weekend. Joy, the owner, is always at the front of the house getting to know her customers. It’s no wonder why the house favorite is called Joy’s Special.

8. Agate Alley Bistro


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Most are unaware of this brunch spot because of their well-known happy hours and late-night drink wheel. If you’re lookin’ to come back for more, sit outside on the patio the next morning to enjoy Chilaquiles with an Agate Lemonade (hint: it’s filled with Absolut).

9. Keystone Cafe


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This brunch spot is another favorite among vegetarian’s and vegan’s because of the diverse menu. The relaxing atmosphere and coziness of Keystone Cafe makes it a hit among Eugene locals.

Bonus: the menu is on the cheaper side for us broke college students.

10. Elmer’s Restaurant


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Elmer’s relaxed diner setting can make anybody feel nostalgic. The breakfast menu is served open to close and the portions are hearty. You’ll be leaving here in a food coma for sure. No regrets.

11. Cornucopia


Photo courtesy of @cornucopiaeugene on Instagram

Cornucopia has award winning, organic burgers that will blow your mind. For brunch, a must-try is the Chicken Fried Burger. It comes topped with two fried eggs and a mountain of sausage gravy. Wash it all down with a Contrary Mary and start studying for that test you’ve been avoiding all weekend.

12. Marche


Photo courtesy of @spoon_uoregon on Instagram

When your parents are in town, this is the place to take them for brunch. The French-based restaurant uses fresh and seasonal culinary techniques in each of their dishes. The hotel next door, Inn at the 5th, caters Marche’s menu for room service. Order brunch in bed and live like Justin Bieber while he was staying in Eugene. #treatyoself

13. Wild Duck Cafe


Photo courtesy of Erica W. on Yelp

Easily the most underrated brunch spot is the Wild Duck Cafe. The fact that you can get a Mariota milkshake with your biscuits and gravy is the real deal. The restaurant has a sports bar atmosphere, making you wish it was game day year-round.

14. Membrillo Latin Kitchen


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The Membrillo Latin Kitchen is unlike most restaurants in Eugene. Owner and chef Corey channels Cuban and Latin flavors to each and every one of his dishes. The restaurant promotes organic and sustainably-grown ingredients by supporting local agriculture and businesses. Order the Chorizo with grilled avocado and you’ll thank us later.

Ron Swanson

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Happy brunching y’all!