With endless options often comes choice anxiety—especially when brunch is involved. In a college town like Ann Arbor, where one popular restaurant exists after the next, deciding where to eat can be quite difficult. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some AA brunch suggestions that suit any and every foodie imaginable. Read up, Ann Arbor, because #brunching just got much easier and much tastier.

For the Calorie-Conscious: Juicy Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @mandakravitz on Instagram

They say breakfast (or brunch) is the most important meal of the day, and they’re right! For you, brunch is ultimately about obtaining the nutrients necessary for powering through the day. For this reason, we suggest Juicy Kitchen, a restaurant dedicated to serving uniquely healthy meals. Choose from dishes prepared with organic vegetables and grains, locally sourced produce, and other vegan-based ingredients.

For the Hungover: Dimo’s Deli & Donuts


Photo courtesy of @emshapiro on Instagram

Brunch is often the only cure for a hangover, and a hangover is the utmost motivator for brunch. For those suffering the symptoms of yet another crazy night out, we’ve got your back. Try Dimo’s Deli & Donuts. Its eggs and hash browns, classic breakfast sandwiches, and French toast will help eliminate the nausea and pain. #SpoonTip: feed your hangover with a tasty, sugary donut to go.

For the Socialites: Sava’s


Photo by Kelly Ho

You are the ultimate socialite when it comes to food. Next to tastefulness, you look for “a scene” when you go out to dine. For you, we suggest Sava’s, one of the most social hotspots in town. A visit here guarantees not only delicious food, but also a run-in with at least 13 people that you know.

For the Big Spenders: Café Zola


Photo courtesy of @umskinnygirl on Instagram

You’re unbelievably classy, and won’t dine unless it requires that you dress to impress. 9 times out of 10 you prefer the upscale rather than causal food scene. Try Café Zola, a relatively fancier crowd favorite. Zola serves all-things-brunch, with a menu consisting of salads, omelettes, breads, pastries, and even posh morning beverages.

For the Sweet Tooths: Nick’s House of Pancakes


Photo courtesy of annarbor.com

Nick’s Original House of Pancakes is the best option for those with a sweet tooth. Order a fat stack of buttermilk or chocolate chip pancakes, caramel apple French toast, or a bacon waffle topped with whipped cream. A guilty pleasure of a brunch place? Nah…just pure amazingness. At Nick’s, calories simply don’t count.

For the Egg-Lovers: Angelo’s


Photo courtesy of @alexisasch on Instagram

Brunch of course is nothing without eggs. Poached, scrambled, sunny side up— whatever it is, you’ll take it. Try your luck with Angelo’s, a family-run, diner-style restaurant with an outstanding breakfast menu. Whether you choose an omelette with raisin toast on the side or go the Benedict or Florentine route, Angelo’s is every egg-lover’s dream.

For the Social Media Gurus: Afternoon Delight


Photo courtesy of @lauren_spiel on Instagram

For those social-media obsessed, who simply cannot go a meal without ‘gramming a picture of their food, we suggest Afternoon Delight. If frozen yogurt stuffed inside a large muffin doesn’t get you a ton of likes, we don’t know what will. Or, get that bird’s-eye view of the salad you created at the restaurant’s fresh and trendy salad bar. Lastly, choose any “Giant Omelette” for a picture that might just go viral.

For the Adventurous: Zingerman’s Roadhouse


Photo by Meredith Whitman

Undoubtedly, Zingerman’s Deli is one of the most popular restaurants in Ann Arbor. For those willing to try something off the beaten path, we suggest Zingerman’s Roadhouse, a spot that is often forgotten in light of its ever-so-popular sister restaurant. Unlike the actual deli, Zingerman’s Roadhouse offers a menu dedicated entirely to brunch, serving up everything from cinnamon rolls to pastry baskets to bagels to waffles and more.

Whether you’re a health freak, a socialite, or super hungover, we’ve got you covered. Take the stress out of choosing where to eat and simply enjoy #brunching with friends. Bon appetit, Ann Arbor.