The Burger. The quintessential American staple that transcends the simple placidity of the regular sandwich, but often sold in a sorry state for the sake of time and relative cheapness. The McDonalds commercials make their burgers look like golden Krabby Patties but in reality delivers a flat cardboard-like piece of meat wedged in between two soggy buns. Now gather round boys and girls because I am going to tell you of a place where every burger is a perfectly seasoned delicacy that makes you savor every bite. Island Burger is your new fave place to eat, and let me tell you why. 


Island Burger is located on Utica ave in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The restaurant was founded by two London born sisters, Linette Beckles and Tracy Agarrat. The sisters grew up near the Port of Spain, Trinidad where street vendors served burgers with a slice of pineapple, coleslaw and garlic sauce, similar to how Island Burger serve their burgers now.  Their vision is to make their customers feel back home in Trinidad when they take a bite out of one of their perfectly crafted burgers, especially their shark burger. Shark is beach food and for only $9.50 Beckles and Agarrat can make you feel like your are vacationing on the Maracas Beach in Trinidad. 


Don't be fooled by the name; Island Burger sells way more than just regular burgers. They sell a variety of wings, ribs, burgers and sides to pair with a crazy number of sauces. Each are sold with an option of a side and is a great value. The wings will set you back $5.75 and you can opt for Trini-Chinese style wings, BBQ wings and Spicy Fried wings that are covered with your choice of whichever sauces you choose. Your options are tamarind sauce, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, mango chutney, chadon beni, and a few others. Garlic sauce and barbecue sauce are my jam, but I have friends who douse their food in all the sauces. This may sound unappetizing to you at first, but trust me and try it. The medley of sweet and savory elevates you culinary experience in ways you didn't believe possible.           

The Burgers

What struck me when I first studied the Island Burger menu was that they had a burger for everyone. Vegetarian or on Lent? No problem, Island Burger has a Veggie burger suited to your cravings at a wallet loving $7.00. Want to stay heart healthy? Opt for the Salmon Burger or Turkey burger offered at $8.50 and $7.00 respectively. Famished after midterms? Go big for the 8oz burger or my personal favorite, the D Island Burger served with pineapple, cole slaw, tomato, and garlic sauce, each priced at $7.50. But maybe the most intriguing option on their menu is their famed shark burger. The king of the ocean is seasoned for 12 hours before being fried and topped with tamarind sauce, cole slaw, lettuce, tomato and chadon beni- a pungent herb sauce. One of the restaurant’s three chefs, Humberto Dominguez, along with the sisters made sure to get their seasonings perfect by consulting a Trini chef before opening Island Burger.


Sweet Potato Fries. You're probably thinking about some limp thin sliced starch that you opt for when normal french fries aren't offered, but that is about to end. Go, run, sprint to Island burger and buy these must have fries. You can get a very generously portioned small size for $2.50 and a huge large size for $4.00. Cover these babies in some garlic sauce, bbq sauce and hot sauce and you're good to go! The steak cut fries are fantastic as well, but nothing beats the sweet potato. If you're someone who doesn't mind being deprived of one of life's greatest joys and choose to skip out on these fries, you still have some delicious options to choose from. Check out the macaroni salad, green salad, potato salad and corn soup.  


Island burger combines the accessibility of fast food along with an affordable price, with the quality and taste of eating in an upscale restaurant. Live a little to far to pop over all the time? No problem! Island Burger is now affiliated with Uber eats. Island Burger is your new fave place. Happy grubbin