As a Brooklyn College student, you may be disappointed by the campus dining hall and hoping to find some better (and the best) options in the area. Brooklyn College's immediate surroundings are plagued by fast food and chain restaurants. But, if you let yourself explore and warm up to the area, you can find some food establishments that definitely offer more to enjoy!

Island Burger

2093 Nostrand Ave

This laid-back, casual-dining restaurant represents the character of the Flatbush area well. A diverse clientele are always at Island Burger at any time of day. This Nostrand Avenue location is one of Island Burger's three Brooklyn establishments.

The menu puts a tropical twist on burgers, wings, and fries with some sweet and spicy options. They offer some of the best crispy, thick-cut fries in the area, which can be paired with classic Island Burger sauces such as tamarind sauce, garlic sauce, and cilantro sauce.

My recommendation for first-time customers is the D Island Burger served with fries. This is the restaurant's staple beef burger, topped with pineapple, cole slaw, tomato, lettuce, and garlic. Be sure to ask for your fries covered in all their sauces and this meal is sure to help you mellow out on a long day!

Ashoka Grill

1436 Flatbush Ave

Feeling spicy? Grab some Indian food at Ashoka Grill with a fast dining experience or takeout. Ashoka Grill exclusively uses halal meat, so it's one of the few but great halal options in the area. You can get the best deals during lunch hours with the lunch specials and lunch to-go boxes.

Customers typically enjoy chicken tikka masala and any of the fifteen classic vegetarian options. If you're having a meal with friends or you're happy to bring home leftovers, I recommend getting one non-vegetarian curry and one vegetarian curry for a fully satisfying Indian meal.

If you want to try out more Indian restaurants in the area and have a bit more time, you can also head to Ocean Parkway for even more options!

Di Fara Pizza

1424 Avenue J

Di Fara Pizza is a famous Brooklyn Pizzeria that happens to be close to the Brooklyn College campus. Domenico DeMarco has been the pizza master at this essential Brooklyn joint ever since they've opened, and each pie is crafted with TLC. 

Open since 1964, many claim this to be the best pizza slice in Brooklyn–or even in all of New York City! You have to make that judgment for yourself at least once during your Brooklyn College career.

At the rather steep price of $5 per slice, you are not getting the cheapest slice in the area, but you are arguably enjoying the best slice ever. Some laud their square slice even more than their regular slice. 

Since many in the NY area want to get a taste of Di Fara Pizza, be prepared for at least some wait on most occasions.

Doowop Griddle

3105 Avenue H

Nothing says college like breakfast at any time of day. Doowop Griddle is here to provide that for Brooklyn College students and Flatbush locals.

The house specialty and customer favorite is definitely the waffle options. With about ten waffle options and additional add-ons, you are sure to satisfy your dream breakfast waffle craving here. The spot does offer sandwiches and savory options as well when you need to balance out that waffle.

The whipped cream on top is that you can get an entire plate for around just $5!

Gyro Hut

1043 Coney Island Ave

Halal street-cart eats are a cult favorite among Brooklyn College students. Some students who live in the area swear that Gyro Hut offers the best halal food in the area. The plus about this place is, unlike its street-cart vendor counterparts, it's open for more hours because it is a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Halal food is a NYC classic quick meal that packs a lot of flavor for a small price. Gyro Hut keeps up with that standard well. In addition to adding a few extra halal street food-inspired options, you can customize your order to your liking if you just ask! My favorite off-menu order is chicken over fries (yes, fries) with white and red sauce.

Milk & Honey Cafe

1119 Newkirk Ave

How about a quick escape with a classic NYC brunch any day of the week? Milk & Honey is a great option for just that.

Opening its doors in 2013, a year prior to Rupi Kaur's bestselling book of the same name, it prides itself as being a homey space serving high-quality coffee and food. This is likely the best café experience you can find in such close proximity to Brooklyn College.

Feel free to cozy up with some work or casual conversation over a specialty latte and one of their many to-die-for baked treats. Or bring a few friends and try any of their menu items that are sure to make you forget all about classes and stress.

Any Spots Near Courtelyou Road

If you're in the mood to hop on the Q train and head two stops uptown, then you will find yourself with a number of amazing options near the Courtelyou Road station.

Though the neighborhood may be unassuming, the restaurants have a lot to offer: great food, ambient atmosphere, interesting decor, and an overall elevated dining experience compared to the Brooklyn College campus area.

I've heard that some professors prefer to dine out with coworkers in this area, and it's probably because the restaurants here offer a cozier, more comfortable dining experience away from the busier campus surroundings. 

Some restaurants in mind are The Farm on Adderley, Qathra, and The Castello Plan.