Founded in 2016, Brooklyn Buttery is bringing some unique flavors to the table, made with locally sourced ingredients. Each tub is packed with rich goodness.

What's not to love about some hand-crafted butter? Here's what we thought of all their flavors

Sea Salt Butter

cream, coffee, toast, sweet, bread
Katie Zizmor

If you're looking to smear butter on toast for a quick breakfast in the morning, go for their Sea Salt Butter. It's a perfect balance, not too salty, not too creamy. 

Dragon's Breath (Sriracha Butter)

dairy product, vegetable, bread, sweet
Katie Zizmor

This butter is as good as it sounds. If you can't handle the heat with the actual hot sauce, have no fear, you can still indulge in this butter. I can barely handle crushed red pepper flakes sometimes. This Sriracha butter was full of flavor, not overpowering spice. 

The Brooklyn Buttery website has a recipe for Dragon's Breath Butter Pasta and it sounds incredible. 

Southwestern (Chipotle Lime Butter)

vegetable, candy, dairy product, cookie, cake, pastry, bread, sweet
Katie Zizmor

Another potentially spicy butter that in reality is just immensely flavorful. It's definitely strange to spread chunky butter on a crostini, but once you take that first bite you'll forget all about the texture. 

If you're feeling sweet

candy, waffle, cream, sweet
Katie Zizmor

For the mornings that you're craving something sweet, put aside the plain butter and pick up one of Brooklyn Buttery's sweet butters. We tested them on waffles, but they would work great on any of your breakfast favorites. 

The Sweettooth Butter was a little subdued, so just slab a bit more on your breakfast to get the full cinnamon sugar flavor. 

The Cocoa Butter did not disappoint one bit. Coming from someone who typically doesn't go for a chocolate dessert, this butter has great balanced flavor. It's sure to amp up any breakfast.  

The Maple Butter was everything you want in a maple syrup without the mess. The maple flavor lingers on your tastebuds long after your breakfast is gone, in a good way. 

Up in Smoke Butter

sweet, cream, bread, cake, chocolate
Katie Zizmor

Smoked butter may seem daunting, but it's genius. I wouldn't suggesting putting this just on a piece of toast as the smoky flavor might be a bit overwhelming. Instead, cooking with this butter is the way to go.

Slathering the goodness on the outside of a grilled cheese like we did allows for maximum caramelization and flavor perfection. The Brooklyn Buttery website used the Up in Smoke Butter for cooking scallops.

If you're interested in switching up your butter game, Brooklyn Buttery is definitely the way to go. All ingredients come from New York, and I love supporting a good start-up company.