You may have already heard that Vittles recently brought some new sandwiches to campus. I tried the five Broodje Co. creations, and spoiler alert: they’re all fantastic.

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Photo by Scott Harrington

Den Haag: Turkey, Brie, Bosc Pear and Maple Mayonnaise on Striatta
The turkey and Brie on this sandwich go great with the maple mayo–there’s just enough of it to taste. What really makes this sandwich, though, is the pear. It adds freshness and some crunch, and tastes fantastic with the Brie. This one was my favorite.

Classic: 18 Month Aged Gouda, Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion, Arugula, Mayonnaise & Dijon on Pumpernickel
As a meat lover, I was wary of trying this one, but I shouldn’t have been! The red onion, mayo, and Dijon are the first things I tasted, but they’re balanced out well with the cucumber and other fresh veggies. The pumpernickel is soft and tasty, too.

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Photo by Scott Harrington

Vondel Park: Prosciutto, 4 Month Aged Goat Gouda, Fig Jam, Balsamic Reduction & Arugula on Striatta
The bread and the Gouda are the most prominent flavors in this sandwich. The prosciutto and Balsamic add saltiness, and arugula keeps it from being too heavy. The fig jam is tasty and unique, and I wished there was a bit more of it to balance out some of the stronger flavors. Fans of strong cheese will love this one!

Paradiso: Salted Bacon Nutella & Sliced Strawberry on Brioche
Who says sandwiches can’t be desserts, too? Strawberries and Nutella are a classic combo, and Brioche is the perfect bread for a sweet sandwich, but the bacon keeps the sandwich from being all sweet. The amount of bacon was a little overwhelming, but this is still a good sweet treat.

Zalm BLT: Lox, Peppered Bacon, Scallion Cream Cheese Spread, Butter Lettuce & Tomato on Sourdough
This sandwich was the hardest one to get (it took two weeks before I finally snagged it), and after trying it, I can see why! The lox and bacon are perfectly complemented by the scallion cream cheese. Sourdough is the perfect bread for these savory ingredients, and adds a flavorful twist.

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Photo by Scott Harrington

These sandwiches are pricier than some of their counterparts at Vittles, but since they’re all under $10, it’s a small price to pay for a lunch that feels gourmet. Make sure you get there early, though- these are almost all sold out by lunch every day!