With Sun Sun’s being a well known place for students to go after bars, it’s closing was a bit of a disappointment for everyone. Farewell, large portions dishes and dirt cheap prices, you will be dearly missed.

The recently new arrival in Guelph, in replace of Sun Sun, is Breezy Corners. Opened on January 9th, 2016, this cozy family run diner serves all-day breakfast, traditional home cooked dinner straight out of Grandma’s recipe book.


Breezy Corners

Photo Courtesy of breezycorners.ca

Breezy Corners has the feeling of a quaint diner in a small town. It is a family-oriented restaurant that is a huge supporter of local artist and fresh food. Not overly crowded or too loud, the overall atmosphere is a great place for a night out to catch up with old friends.


Breezy Corners

Photo by Andrea Stangl

The food is a home-cooked meal that would remind any student of the food their parents serve to you on your weekends home.  Famous for their all-day breakfast menu, Breezy Corners has much more to offer, with the lunch and dinner menu items ranging from Chicken Tenders, Quesadilla Wrap, and the must try Garlic Parmesan fries.


Breezy Corners

Photo by Andrea Stangl

The very friendly and welcoming staff is there to greet you at the door with a smile on their face. They are not too pushy and are very familiar with the menu. However, this is not the place if you are looking for a quick bit to eat because service is slow.


Breezy Corners

Photo by Ed Schipul from https://www.flickr.com/photos/eschipul/

Every month Breezy Corners holds an Open Mic beginning at 7:30 PM to support local artists. It showcases all the hidden talent in Guelph and is open to all kinds of acts from singing to comedy. The next Open Mic is scheduled for February 6th, 2016.

Our Thoughts

Overall Breezy Corners is making it’s mark on the Guelph community. Although it has a very different atmosphere and food compared to the beloved Sun Sun’s restaurant, Breezy Corners is starting to make it’s mark and a fresh start in downtown Guelph.

Rating for students 6/10

Rating for families 9/10