Ah, Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement for Jewish people to get rid of their sins by abstaining from food and water for about 24 hours. On the plus side, we basically get two Thanksgiving-size meals in a little over 24 hours. Score.

If you’re like me and stuck in Ann Arbor missing out on your grandma’s heavenly noodle kugel, don’t worry. Find out the best places to break the fast in Ann Arbor (and be sure to apologize to your soon-to-be-too-tight pants beforehand).


break fast

Photo by Abbie Ginis

Let’s get the obvious and perhaps best place of them all out of the way: Zingerman’s. Where else is better to break the fast than the best Jewish deli in the country on planet Earth. Whether you want the classic Reuben, a potato latke bigger than your face, or one of everything, you can never wrong with this gift from above. (Hint: read up on their hidden secrets beforehand.)

Pizza House

Taking the classic cheesy bread route to satisfy your hunger pangs will never fail. If you’re trying to stay on the “healthy” side by having a Chipati or looking for a place with a wide variety of choices (they have every type of rib known to man), then Pizza House is the place to go.

Mani Osteria

break fast

Photo by Anna Hsu

Channel your inner Italian by loading up on the best pizza, pasta or salad (please, no) at this trendy restaurant. It’s okay to be in a serious relationship with carbs for the night. Plus, the executive chef of this place is awesome. (P.S. Did you know they have amazing brunch?)

Bruegger’s Bagel

Cream cheese lovers can unite at this hidden Ann Arbor gem. Perfect for those who are looking to save money for Skeeps (did you know they raised the price of a Skeeps card?), but still want a delicious break fast meal full of classic Jew food.

Dining Halls

break fast

Photo by Alex Weiner

We can’t tell you to sneak your way into a dining hall, even though we totally want to, (East Quad did win an award, people) so swipe in with a freshman for an all you can eat buffet style break fast. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re going just for the desserts, aka Mojo’s cookies.

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