If you were asked to design your own burger, what would you choose to top it with? Many taste buds to satisfy, much opportunity to be creative, such deliciousness to achieve. Well, lucky for our food obsessed selves, the Spoon JMU team has been #blessed by the burger gods.


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On Saturday, December 12, Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint is teaming up with SpoonJMU to promote the Freestyle burger that will light a fire within ya to power you through finals week.

Naturally, we were hype AF and knew that we had to impress our friends at Jack Brown’s, which has recently been nationally ranked as 1 of the 21 best college burgers in America. Round of applause for that.

You’ve been #1 in our hearts ever since the day we took our first bites into your burgers that are actual pieces of heaven.

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The brainstorming for Saturday’s Freestyle burger immediately commenced after receiving this bangin’ news. Foodie brains were churning, mouths clearly drooling, and foodgasms happening, but a conclusion was reached and the perfect balance between zesty and rich was found.

On Saturday, Jack Brown’s and Spoon University JMU present:

“The Duke Dog”

A patty of all patties topped with:

  • Siracha aoli Sauce
    • To sauce up your Saturday. (I hate me, too.)
  • Pepperjack Cheese
    • It’s very important.
  • Tortilla chips.
    • Because, duh.
  • Pico de Gallo
    • This final topper takes the “Duke Dog” to a whole new level.

Can you even right now? Because we sure can’t.


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Cleanse your palates and take a break from club lib. It’ll be a beautiful 70 degrees in Harrisonburg on Saturday, so make it necessary to visit Jack Brown’s. Celebrate the end of this semester right with the “Duke Dog.”

(Sidenote: you probs won’t even have to use a blanket. So even though it’s not looking a lot like Christmas, enjoy this warmth while it lasts before the icy cold sets in.)

A very special thank you and shoutout to Jack Brown’s for this awesome opportunity. We love you a whole 800 notches worth and more.