Sandwiches are a divine invention. They’re meant to be eaten with your hands. They’re supposed to be attacked aggressively. They’re allowed to be messy. I guess you could say that a sandwich is a lazy person’s best friend, because no utensils or napkins or politeness is required. When eating a sandwich, you are fully excused from cleanliness and rules and are allowed to dive face first into pieces of bread and are forgiven if you emerge with smears of mayo on your cheeks. Proper sandwich etiquette calls for large bites, as it’s the only way to ensure that you get everything between bread in one mouthful. Because everyone knows this, no one judges —they simply know you’re just doing it right.

My obsession with the sandwich makes me want to share my favorite ‘wiches with you. Honestly, if I deprived you of any of these than I’d fully be putting the wich in sandwich, and I’m just not about that.

Our first adventure between slices brings us to a stone cold classic that conjures up memories of black and white tiled floors, potato pancakes for breakfast and the warm Jewish bubby we may (mostly may) or may not have. While the matzoh ball soups and french toast might tempt you, focus on your mission and order the corned beef sandwich and you will be rewarded. Piled high on warm seedy rye, hot thick slices of buttery corned beef and a slather of brown mustard make for a comforting and well balanced match. The corned beef melts on your tongue, and the grainy mustard adds that little bit of sharpness to counteract the richness of the meat. Sweet seedy tangs of rye and fluffy chews of bread round it out, for a truly memorable ‘wich. Don’t be scared of the size, you can handle it.

Between Bread: Corned Beef Sandwich from 4th Street Deli

Photo by Amanda Shulman


address: 38 S 19th St or 700 S 4th St.
hours: Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat-Sun 9am-9pm