Few things in life are better than burgers. The thing is, that while there are burgers everywhere, there are few burgers that are truly great. Some people feel that a burger is a burger. They’re very content with a flimsy patty, two buns, squiggly squirts of ketchup and a wilted slice of cold cheese. But a robust and substantial meaty round, two fluffy bookends, house made spicy ketchup and oozing top notch cheese can can cause a burger high that never knew existed. And once you’ve had a great one, it’s hard to turn back.

Lucky for us, and our souls, we’ve got incredible burgers close by. Lucky Old Souls food truck is serving up gourmet burgers customized to your liking and made out of high quality ingredients. No longer do you have to settle for a sweaty burger that’ll get you through the day. Style your burger to your preference and fill and slather and top until you’re satisfied. Choose among scallions, bacon mayos and countless cheeses depending on your mood. Regardless of your exceptional creativity, or your lack thereof, the LOS team will ensure your burger crosses that boundary into the land of great.

Burger from Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck

Photo by Amanda Shulman


Find location/hours on twitter: @LOSburgertruck
Visit their site: http://luckyoldsoul.weebly.com/burger-truck.html