As a self proclaimed foodie, I have always needed to know where the best restaurants are whenever I travel someplace new. This means that when I arrived at Vassar College for my first semester Freshman Year, I quickly googled the best restaurants in the surrounding area. One of the first restaurants that came up was Brasserie 292, a French inspired restaurant with a classic, old time style. The prices are a little steep for us broke college kids, but I was fortunate enough to have family members visit during the semester who took me out to eat at this classy restaurant. 

The Ambiance

Walking into the dining area of the restaurant, I felt like I was entering an old fashioned french film. Circular booths covered in red vinyl lined both walls. The walls were not just regular walls, but mirrors, making the dining room seem much larger than it actually was. You could hear the clinking of glasses and silverware while pleasant conversations drifted through the air. The restaurant has an excellent wait staff, dressed in old school black and white. They even give you a free hors d'oeuvre before every meal, a little quirk my inner foodie loved. 


sweet, mashed potatoes, potato
Annika Rowland

When I went to Brasserie 292 with my grandparents for brunch, there were many options to choose from. The menu ranged from classic french toast to chicken and waffles. I ended up ordering steak and eggs, which came with roasted potatoes and a warm buttermilk biscuit. The steak was amazing, cooked perfectly as I had requested. For you vegetarians out there, the eggs were also savory and nicely seasoned. Speaking of nicely seasoned, the potatoes had some type of unknown herb on them that made them delectable. The buttermilk biscuit added a great touch with a warm, sweeter taste. 


duck, gravy, sauce
Annika Rowland

The second time I went to the restaurant was for dinner during parents weekend. The menu was very diverse. You could order typical french appetizers like escargots and onion soup, get oysters from a raw bar, and choose from a variety of entrees. There was also a meal of the day. I ordered the duck confit for my entree. The duck was so tender it fell of the bone. The sauce paired perfectly with the potatoes and brussel sprouts. Normally, I am not a person for brussel sprouts but these were cooked in a way where they actually tasted good. I also ordered dessert, which was chocolate mousse in a fancy glass container. The mousse was the perfect consistency and not too chocolatey.

And there you have it! A review of one of the most tasty restaurants in Poughkeepsie. If you are ever sick of the dining hall and have some cash to spare, be sure to hit up this fancy spot.