With the holidays officially upon us, there's no better way to celebrate the season's festivities than with doughnuts: Krispy Kreme holiday doughnuts, to be exact. The popular coffee and doughnut chain released a new line of holiday specialties earlier in November, and they are expected to be featured on the menu until January 2019.

The Sweetest Ugly Sweater

The latest addition, known as the Ugly Sweater Doughnut, capitalizes on the popularity of the holiday wardrobe staple. It features Krispy Kreme's classic glaze doughnut base drizzled in green icing and topped with festive holiday sprinkles and candy pieces. 

Swirly Twirly Cinnamon Doughnuts

Also joining the repertoire of delicious desserts is the brand new Cinnamon Swirl Doughnut, comprising a Krispy Kreme glaze doughnut tossed in a sweet cinnamon-sugar mixture and enveloped in cream cheese icing. The company's creative twist on a traditional cinnamon roll elevates this holiday favorite far beyond how we've always known them.

Other Holiday Favorites

Let's not forget Krispy Kreme's old holiday standbys which have already found their way onto the menu (and shortly after reading this, into your stomach.) The Holiday Plaid Doughnut drapes an original glaze doughnut with vanilla icing and festive red and green patterns. The Santa Belly Doughnut, a glaze doughnut frosted in bright red and filled with decadent chocolate Kreme, also made a comeback this holiday season and it's almost too cute to eat!

If you haven't already strolled into your local Krispy Kreme to check out their holiday menu, you definitely should. With a doughnut selection as appetizing as this, all of your Christmas wishes just might come true.