As a lover of all things containing gluten, I was a bit concerned when my new college friend told me that she had a gluten allergy. But with my superb Yelp abilities, I was able to find some gluten-free friendly restaurants that my whole friend group would be down with.

Here are my favorite gluten-free friendly restaurants in Boston, and I guarantee your entire friend group will love them too. 

1. Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is not only affordable, but it also has an enormous array of options for people who can't or don't eat gluten.

While Sweetgreen has some specifically gluten-free salads on their menu, you also have the option to design your own with a plethora of gluten-free ingredients. 

My suggestion is to design your own salad with baby spinach and warm quinoa, tomatoes, raw corn, almonds, white cheddar, avocado, falafel, and pesto vinaigrette.

2. Sonsie 

I'm normally not a huge fan of restaurants on Newbury Street, I find a lot of them to feel touristy and underwhelming. Sonsie was a pleasant surprise, though.

Sonsie has an extensive gluten-free menu and their brunch is particularly impressive. For brunch, I recommend getting their Smoked Salmon Plate with gluten-free toast. 

3. Kayuga

Kayuga has always been a go-to sushi pick among my friends. When we realized that that they also have gluten-free choices, it made us like it even more. 

Kayuga is open super late and has a variety of fresh sushi along with cooked dishes for those who don't love sushi.

Our favorite gluten-free option is their Tropical Maki. It's a sushi roll with cooked shrimp, avocado, mango, cucumber, and ridiculously good spicy mayo. 

4. Davio's

Davio's is a dimly-lit Italian steakhouse located in Back Bay with the most extensive gluten-free friendly menu I've seen in this city. My gluten-free friend often feels left out seeing us all eat pasta at all the amazing Italian restaurants in Boston, but she is fully included here. 

The best pick at Davio's is their Gluten-Free gnocchi dish, it comes with organic mushrooms and white truffle oil. 

5. By Chloe

By Chloe is a super trendy vegan lunch spot in the Seaport. They're incredibly accommodating to food restrictions, and basically anything on the menu can be made gluten-free. You'll also want to take multiple shots for Instagram there because the aesthetic is on point. 

My pick is their Quinoa Taco Salad. Just ask, they'll make it gluten-free. 

Thankfully, restaurants in Boston are slowly becoming more accommodating to people who have dietary restrictions. As a person who regularly eats glutenous foods but has a gluten-free friend, I've discovered that the gluten-free life can actually taste just as good and that finding a restaurant we can agree on isn't impossible.