One of the best parts about going to school in Boston is the astonishing amount of amazing restaurants. Although eating inside Boston restaurants is discouraged, make sure to order takeout to support your local businesses. Here's a list of 10 Boston joints you might be missing:

1. The Friendly Toast 

A popular brunch spot, Friendly Toast is definitely one of the most missed restaurants for all Boston students. They serve scrumptious brunch food all day long, have three locations around Boston, and an aesthetically pleasing interior. You have to try the french toast if you go (shown below)! It's a no brainer!

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2.   Tatte Bakery 

If I'm being honest, this place alone can make you miss Boston like never before. From their mouth-watering pastry display (shown below) to brunch items and coffees, what's there not to love? Not to mention, I seriously cannot get enough of the black and white interior! (is it obvious that I love aesthetic restaurant interiors?)

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3.  Crispy Crepes Cafe

If you can't go to Paris to get a crepe (which the majority of us can't due to COVID-19), this is the next best thing. With its' central location on Boston University's campus, it's super convenient to grab a bite to eat. Make sure you try the strawberry, Nutella, and banana crepe (shown below). It's a classic! If sweet crepes aren't your thing, this restaurant serves a large variety of savory Mediterranean dishes!

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4.  Einstein Bros. Bagels 

While they have several locations throughout the U.S., Einstein Bros. Bagels is staple in the lives of busy Boston University students. I always opt for a chocolate chip bagel toasted with cream cheese but there are so many options here from breakfast and lunch sandwiches to sweet drinks that they will have something for you and all of your friends!

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5.   Pavement Coffeehouse

With locations on BU campus, Newbury Street, Allston, and more, Pavement will soon be your go-to coffee shop if it isn't already! You can order take-out directly online so you don't have to spend time waiting around. I would have to recommend the vanilla latte iced or hot. It's perfect for any occasion. All locations are fully open so make sure to support your local small businesses!

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6. Raising Cane's

During a busy school week, there is nothing better than picking up Raising Cane's for dinner. From the best lemonade in the Boston Area to chicken tenders and fries, Raising Cane's will never fail to make your day better!

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7.  Gong Cha

Although the closest one to BU is located in Allston, this boba place (yes boba, I'm from the West Coast) will satisfy any and all cravings. Their earl gray milk tea is pretty much unbeatable in my opinion. The boba pearls are never too squishy or too hard. As Goldilocks would say, "they're just right!" Gong Cha's slushies (shown below) are also pretty popular.

If you aren't on campus, make sure to click here to find your nearest Gong Cha!

8. Blaze Pizza

With locations on both Commonwealth Ave and Boylston St, you can't miss the custom-made pizzas here! 11-inch pizzas are typically under $10, which means this place is extremely budget-friendly. All the pizza dough is freshly made, and the ingredients are always super high quality. They also sell a four-pack of desserts just in case you needed another reason to go to Blaze. 

9. Futago Udon

If you're searching for thick Japanese noodles, this is the place for you! Although it isn't very traditional, I love their Miso Carbonara Udon. It's a great take on Japanese-Italian fusion food. Of course, you can't go wrong with the Sukiyaki Udon (shown below) and Curry Fried Chicken! They also offer delivery after 5 pm in case you don't feel like going out.  

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10. Insomnia Cookies 

As if you needed a reminder about this place! Since leaving Boston, I've had major midnight cookie cravings. It's time to order some Triple Chocolate Cookies! And if you aren't on campus and sadly don't live near an Insomnia (like myself), they have nationwide shipping.

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