I may be a New Jerseyan, but Boston has been my home for three years now. I've made it a mission to eat as much good food as the city has to offer, particularly if it's dessert food. Even after three years, though, I realized I'm missing quite a lot.

I polled my colleagues, friends, and fellow students to determine the best desserts in Boston. Consider this your sweet tooth bucket list. 

1. Boston Cream Bismarck from Blackbird Doughnuts

Blackbird is constantly changing their flavors with the seasons, but the Boston Cream Bismarck is one of their staples. Obviously, you're going to find a lot of Boston Cream doughnuts throughout the city, but this is hands down the best one I've had.

2. Any flavor ice cream in a hand-dipped cone from Emack and Bolio's

The only way that you could go wrong ordering any ice cream from Emack and Bolio's is if you order it in a plain cone. It's just not what you do. Their cones are hand-dipped in anything from Oreo's to Fruit Loops, adding an extra sugar rush to their already overloaded ice creams. 

3. Napoleon from Maria's Pastry Shop

The great debate in Boston is who has the best cannoli so I'm not going to sit here and argue if Maria's has the best or if it's Mike's or Modern's or whoever's. As far as Napoleons go, though, Maria is the reigning queen. 

4. Cream Puff from Modern Pastry

Another member of the great cannoli debate that I'm avoiding right now. One thing I will say though, cream puffs are another bone of contention for the bakeries in Boston, but Modern Pastry  does it best.

5. Nutella Cheesecake from Mike's Pastry

To be honest, Mike's always has a line around the block and that's because everyone wants to try their cannoli. I'm not a huge fan of their pastries, ironically enough, but their cheesecakes are just so good. The cheesecakes are worth the wait. 

6. Boston Creme Pie from Parker's Restaurant

If you go to Boston and don't get the original Boston Creme Pie from the (haunted AF) Omni Parker House, did you really go at all? 161 years after it's creation and it's still one of the best desserts in Boston. 

7. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies from Bova's Bakery 

Bova's Bakery calls itself a "North End tradition" and they aren't lying. The strange thing about Boston is it's a city that shuts down at around 10 pm, but not Bova's. You can get these sweet whoopie pies 24 hours a day. 

8. Oreo Freak Frappe from Boston Burger Company

After everyone at our table ordered a Freak Frappe off of Boston Burger Company's menu, we all agreed that, while every one of them was to die for, the Oreo deserved to be crowned king. 

9. Raspberry Tart from Tatte Bakery and Cafe

A Boston staple, Tatte is a coffee shop that's just as good for breakfast as it is for dessert. Their nut boxes are pretty famous, but I'm a bigger fan of their fruit tarts. 

10. Tiramisu at Caffe Vittoria

As the oldest Italian caffe in Boston, you can't go to Caffe Vittoria and not order one of the most classical Italian desserts there is. Order a cappuccino and some tiramisu and curl up in this cozy North End spot. 

11. B3 Ice Cream at Toscanini's

If you head to Toscanini's, do not get a hot fudge sundae or add sprinkles or whipped cream or anything else. Just get the ice cream, which is understandably considered the best in Boston. Go for B3 for the best of the best, which contains brown sugar, brown butter, and brownies. 

12. Maple Bacon from Union Square Donuts

Try to find a time of day when bacon is not acceptable. Go on. I dare you. Union Square Donuts makes a Maple Bacon donut that's the perfect sweet and savory dessert. Or you can have it for breakfast. We won't judge. 

13. Cookie Sandwich from Cookie Monstah 

Any Bostonian knows the joy of walking home and finding that they have to pass the Cookie Monstah food truck. Every cookie is made from scratch and delicious on its own, but so much better when there's a giant scoop of ice cream with it. 

14. Eclair with Green Tea Filling from Beard Papa's

At Beard Papa's, the major drawing card is the green tea filling. You could get it in any of their many different types of pastries, but I'm a fan of chocolate and green tea so the eclair is definitely a favorite for me. 

15. Sticky Buns from Flour Bakery

Another treat that's just as good for breakfast as it is for dessert, the sticky buns are the best pastry that Flour has to offer. Super sweet and decadent, it's exactly what you need when you're looking for a sugar rush.

16. Salted Caramel Adult Milkshake from Grass Fed

The Salted Caramel shake from Grass Fed is vanilla ice cream, tequila, caramel liquor, and a salted rim. Because boozy desserts are just better.

17. Bushwacker from Loretta's Last Call

Part dessert and part cocktail, the Bushwacker from Loretta's Last Call is just about the booziest frozen drink you could want. It might just be the best frozen drink that you can get in Fenway and it's definitely one of the best desserts in Boston.

18. Tahini-Chocolate Swirl Pie from Mamaleh's 

Mamaleh's has a pie of the day every day so you might not be there the same day that the Tahini-Chocolate Swirl Pie is, but you can't really go wrong with any of their pies. If you're in need of some extra sweetness, be sure to order an egg cream with it. 

19. Green Tea Mille Crepes from Lady M Cake Boutique 

Lady M is known for their mille crepes cakes, which comes in other forms like the original, coconut, or even chocolate banana, but their green tea is the most unique flavor. It's so creamy and the green tea flavor is strong. It's a little on the expensive side, but then again so is everything on Newbury Street. 

20. Gelato Cono from Amorino Gelato 

Amorino is where you go when you want authentic Italian gelato. Not only is it delicious, but those gelato flowers are seriously Insta-worthy. Add in a macaron for extra sweetness. 

21. Pistachio or Raspberry Macarons from Patisserie on Newbury

While Patisserie is filled with sweet treats, many guests come in just for their macarons. All their macarons are good, but you'd be making a mistake if you didn't try their pistachio or their raspberry ones.

22. Ice Cream from FoMu

Trying to choose from just one of the non-dairy, vegan ice creams from FoMu is virtually impossible, especially considering how many different flavors they seem to be adding to the menu every season. The flavor pictured above is Apple Cider Donut, which is perfect for fall but I could eat it all year round. 

23. French Hot Chocolate from Thinking Cup

The Thinking Cup is a Boston student's home away from home and what's more homey than a good cup of hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate is one of the richest you'll ever have. 

24. Waffle Sundaes from Saus

I know it's hard to not want to fill up on poutine at Saus, but try to restrain yourself so that you can have one of these waffle sundaes for dessert, with a beer float on the side. 

25. Cookie Dough Cupcake from Lulu's Sweet Shoppe

Easily one of the best places to get a cupcake in Boston, Lulu's Sweet Shoppe makes their cupcakes with the right amount of sweetness. Their flavors are never overwhelmed by sugar. Their Cookie Dough cupcake tastes just like taking a heaping scoop of cookie dough.