Boston Burger Company was opened in 2009 by three longtime friends with a passion for good food and the desire for Boston to set up its burger game. 

Their burgers range from a classic cheeseburger to "the hot mess," which is a burger with bacon, sweet potato fries, homemade thousand island dressing, diced pickles, jalapeño, red onion, lettuce, and American cheese.

This store has even been featured on cooking shows such as The Rachel Ray Show and Guy Fieri's Diner's, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It has received tons of press and attention for their truly unique and savory burgers. 

Boston Burger Company is also known for its "freak frappes" which are insane and creative frappes for a super sweet tooth. You can get a frappe topped with Oreos, s'mores, or even a piece of cake!

Work up a big appetite, grab some friends (maybe even a bib), and head on over to Boston Burger Company for the most creative, over-the-top burgers and frappes.