Next time you’ve got a big appetite, consider stopping in to Boston Burger Company. Co-founders Paul Malvone, Sebastian Fricia, and Chuck Fillari opened this awesome Boston destination restaurant in April 2009 and have now expanded to three locations: Davis Square in Somerville, Mass Ave in Cambridge, and Boylston Street in Boston.

BBC, as it’s called by locals, has been featured in Phantom Gourmet, on The Rachel Ray Show, and Boston Globe’s Top 25 Burgers. The restaurant’s burger “The Hot Mess” even won the 2012 Battle of the Burger.

The menu has something for everyone – fresh salads, sandwiches, wings, assorted appetizers – but it’s no surprise that the star of the show is their 8-oz. certified Angus beef burgers dressed in any combination of toppings. To make your choice a little bit easier when you order, members of Spoon University Tufts tried four of their craziest burgers: “The Hot Mess,” “The Sophie,” “420 Burger,” and “The King” for our feast.

The Sophie

boston burger company

Photo by Julia Press

“The Sophie” was the least extravagant as our other choices. Of the four, it’s definitely the most polished. But let’s be real, BBC is a burger place – this burger was still elegantly messy and delicious. “The Sophie” consists of prosciutto, goat cheese, candied walnuts, fig jam, arugula, lemon vinaigrette, and a balsamic reduction layered on top of an 8 oz. angus beef patty.

I’m totally a sucker for goat cheese and fruit on meat. It’s never bad and it’s almost always really good. Order this if you’re in the mood for something creative, but don’t want to dedicate your whole evening to a food coma.

420 Burger

boston burger company

Photo by Julia Press

Oh boy. This mountainous burger has mozzarella sticks, fried mac and cheese, onion rings, French fries, bacon, golden barbecue sauce, and American cheese stacked between a fantastic, fluffy bun.

Unlike “The Sophie,” there’s so much going on with the “420 Burger” that I mostly just remember cheesy and fried as the main components. It’s still delicious (who doesn’t like cheesy and fried?) but maybe consider checking your cholesterol levels before starting in on this one.

The Hot Mess

boston burger company

Photo by ulia Press

“The Hot Mess” was my personal favorite. It includes sweet potato fries, bacon, American cheese, jalapeno, pickles, red onion, and shredded lettuce drizzled with homemade 1000 Island dressing. It’s little less intense than the “420 Burger” with more than enough play on flavors.

The dressing and pickles balance out the sweetness from the sweet potatoes just the right amount. Plus as your typical frazzled college student, I really appreciate a burger named “The Hot Mess.”

The King

boston burger company

Photo by Julia Press

Last, but certainly not least, is the (in)famous “King” burger. People have been telling me to try this since freshman year and now I finally understand why. “The King” is a burger topped with peanut butter, bacon, fried bananas, and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Like you, I took my first bite wondering who in their right mind would put peanut butter on a hamburger. Trust me, it’s surprisingly good. The umami flavor of the peanut butter mimics the taste of the burger, and the bananas add a touch of sweetness without being too overwhelming.

All of Boston Burger Company’s hamburgers come with baked beans or cole slaw and freshly made potato chips. Definitely leave room for the chips and sides – they’re worth it.

#SpoonTip: Dip your chips in the baked beans – YUM.