Upon coming to London, I had never heard of Borough Market.  After visiting, though, I have realized that it is the perfect place to find delectable, yet unique food that fits a college student's budget.  For any Badgers out there, Borough Market is in essence the Dane Country Farmer's Market on steroids.  

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Jenna Frankel

The best part of visiting the market, in my opinion, is the abundance of food carts and stalls that serve food that is ready to eat on the spot.  

The Harry Potter atmosphere

The market has a long history, having been open for over a thousand years. Also, another fun fact is that many Harry Potter scenes were shot in the market, such as the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley! Can you see the resemblance?

The market itself is split up into many sections, all covered by a tin and windowed roof, yet not enclosed. There are different areas with an abundance of fresh produce, meat, fish, olive oil, spices, and almost anything else you could imagine.

Food from across the globe

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Jenna Frankel

There are a wide array of different types of food for sale, from a variety of cultures.  There's definitely something in the market for anyone, from curry, to paella, to fish and chips. 

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Jenna Frankel

 When visiting the market, try and step out of your comfort zone, and try something really unique. 

Uniquely UK

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Jenna Frankel

The market has some intriguing food that is unique to the United Kingdom, such as British pies (savory, not sweet like the American version) and salt beef sandwiches. The oddest thing I saw at the market are scotch eggs. Scotch eggs are hard boiled eggs, wrapped in a layer of meat (i.e. sausage), then breaded and fried.  

A spin on a grilled cheese

Jenna Frankel

My favorite item at the market is a "cheese toastie" from Kappacasein Dairy. The British "cheese toastie" is the American equivalent of a grilled cheese. The Kappacasein version, though, is out of this world. A multitude of different cheeses are placed inside soft bread with onion, and then pressed on a panini maker until crispy on the outside, yet oozing on the inside.  

The next time you take a trip across the pond, an outing to Borough Market should be added to the itinerary.  A visit is necessary not only to indulge in delicious food, yet to also to walk in the footsteps of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.  Cheerio!