You’ve had a long week filled with papers, creating study guides, returning a call or two from Mom (or five), group project meetings, and the constant inner conflict to stay in bed and continue sleeping or get your butt to that 8:30 psychology class. All that hard work has paid off, you made it to all your 8:30s, and it’s time to party because it is finally Friday.

What’s the plan for the evening? Fortunately for you, the neighborhood surrounding Fordham’s Rose Hill campus provides delicious authentic Italian food by day and a *popping* night life, come 10:00 PM, making it easy to pick a location to get your boogie on. Students of all ages can find fun on the weekends. Get the scoop on Fordham student’s favorite bars below.

1. Howl at the Moon

Howl is a fan favorite for its tiki-luau themed decor, contemporary music, and bomb bar food. Howl gets crowded early in the night, so mentally prepare yourself for lots of sweaty people grooving to the music. Tired of drinking? Try the spinach dip and grab yourself a plate of buffalo wings. You will not be disappointed.

2. The Blend

The Blend, located on Fordham Road, has taken the title of most popular bar this school year. Spacious enough to allow lots of Rams in, but you are bound to find someone you know to have an intimate conversation with. Bonus: when you get overheated from getting too into Whipping and  Nae Nae-ing, you can step out into the terrace area for fresh air.


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3. Mugz

Ah, Mugz. Nothing better to brighten your night than a warm welcome from Daniel “Suits” Morse. Mugz is known for its pay one price for admission “drink-ups,” for those of the Fordham community of drinking age. A great place to go to listen to classic hits, such as “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” Mugz is the perfect place to start your night.

4. Blue Goose Tavern

If you thought Suits’ had the most enthusiastic greeting, you haven’t met Simon. Blue Goose has a great blue-tinted atmosphere with a smaller dancing space, but that just means you should make friends with the people surrounding you. Goose also hosts “drink ups,” so head that way if you’d like to dance and drink with your closest pals.

5. Champ’s Sports Bar and Grill

If you feel like stretching your legs and taking a stroll through Le Brónx, Champs is the place for you. The most spacious of the Fordham Bars, Champs offers lots of standing and sitting room for Rams to socialize. Make sure to shoot some billiards and grab a pitcher while watching the big game.

6. Bronx Beer Hall

Unbeknownst to most Fordham students is Beer Hall. Tuesday nights this indoor market turns into a karaoke bar with New York state craft beers. Reward yourself on a night you finish homework early and enjoy crooning to some good old school Britney Spears.

If only Jolly Tinker was still around…



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