It can be a struggle when you’re craving something but don’t know where to go. This is the feeling I’ve always dealt with when I’m home in San Francisco. I'm constantly looking for a good boba place in San Francisco, but for a time, it was difficult to find. Boba (also known as tapioca pearls) places can easily be found in cities like Taiwan, Los Angeles, and San Jose where there are a larger variety of choices. In San Francisco, there aren't as many locations that offer unique tastes and flavors, but no need to worry. If you’re ever looking for boba places in San Francisco, here are the places you should consider!

Asha Tea House

Located in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District is a bustling tea shop named Asha Tea House. During the hours of 12-5 pm, bobaristas are working intensively to craft a variety of boba drinks to fulfill the cravings of tourists, professionals, and city individuals. Asha's selections represent traditional Japanese Matcha, fresh fruit puree, and high-quality tea. Fruits are sourced locally so the fruit-tea combinations are endless and ever-changing. If you're visiting SF's Union Square, make sure to take a pleasant 10 minute walk to Asha Tea House for a delicious fresh drink. 

#SpoonTip: Create your own milk tea combinations by adding fresh fruit to your typical Tapioca Milk Tea.

Boba Guys

Well-known as a go-to boba place in San Francisco is the city's very own Boba Guys. Ever since the opening in 2011, the shop has only been growing larger and gaining more love from people everywhere. It has a fixed menu with various tea and milk combinations, but my favorite drinks stem from the seasonal choices. Every few months, there is a new set of drinks to try—captivating the enthusiasts to come back for more. Although notorious for its long lines, there are six different locations in SF to get your Boba Guys fix, so there is always a location at your convenience.

#SpoonTip: Get your milk tea with oat milk for a fun twist on your taste buds.

Cool Tea Bar

If you're taking a stroll in SF's Chinatown, make sure to make a stop at this small hole-in-the-wall boba shop. Contrary to the prior two shops, Cool Tea Bar has more traditional tea flavors served in an elevated manner. It has a huge selection from milk teas to fruit teas. However, if you find the selection overwhelming, there is a top 10 list that can never go wrong. One of the unique aspects is that it offers a large cup size, containing around 32 ounces, which is—in my opinion—a bang for your buck.


Which place has the cup incorporated into the price? Plentea does. With every purchase of a drink, you also get a sturdy glass bottle worthy of Instagram. You can decide to either bring it back for a 10% discount off your next purchase or keep it to hold your other beverages at home. Plentea's not-so-traditional flavors makes it stand out from the rest—from matcha to chocolate to taro. 


If you like your boba drinks rich and smooth, Tancca is the place to go. It's popular for different milk foams, which add a different texture and flavor profile to your drink. On top of that, Tancca gives you a cute little shovel to scoop out the foam. If you really think about it, there are numerous combinations to try; that fact alone will rope you in for several more times to come. 

#SpoonTip: Order the Tiramisu milk foam with a black tea for a velvety chocolate taste; order the puff foam to elevate the creaminess of the milk teas. 


Whether you like Snow Ice, like contemporary milk teas, or can't decide what you like, Teaspoon is the right place to go. Not only are there many different options, like Boba Guys, it also has seasonal drinks that come out ever so often. I personally like its boba drinks because the rich combinations between the milk, tea, and fruits craft a completely unique flavor that you won't easily forget.

San Francisco might be limited in its boba locations, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice refreshing cup of boba milk tea. All these shops have one similar goal—to bring one another together and unite us all through the delicious drinks. The next time you're in the city, make sure to grab a friend and go to a boba shop, because you'll never know what you'll learn from that simple interaction.