Just off of Mass Ave in the South End, there’s quite the hidden gem: Blunch. Open weekdays from 8am-3pm, this minuscule yet intimate lunch spot serving sandwiches and sweets alike sits on a corner right across from the BU medical campus.

Kerry O'Gara Donovan

I walked into Blunch on a Friday afternoon, excited to try one of their many sandwiches. Walking up to the storefront, it was fairly crowded, with multiple groups of people from locals to medical staff sitting outside chatting and eating.

The Ambiance

When I stepped into the doorway, I immediately began to observe the interior. Multiple framed images of positive ratings from magazines, 5-star reviews, and even a signed poster from Guy Fieri (who apparently stopped by and featured Blunch in his TV show, “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” in 2014), were all displayed on the wall. In addition to the decor, various sandwich combinations, bagelwiches (also known as a bagel sandwich), baked goods, and more were written on a blackboard in cursive. There are a plethora of tasteful options to choose from, seemingly fitting for anybody’s preference. However, I definitely recommend taking a look at their online menu prior to visiting, since it is slightly overwhelming attempting to order based on their written menu in the store.

Kerry O'Gara Donovan

After taking a look at the menu, I decided to get the wilbur (a pressed sandwich on sourdough, consisting of smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and spicy aioli) and a triple chocolate chip cookie, which looked absolutely delectable from the display case. While waiting for my food, I took a seat in their outdoor seating area which is small but intimate. Sitting on a side-street lined with aesthetic brownstones makes the ambiance of Blunch more than enjoyable, especially on a warm and sunny day.

Kerry O'Gara Donovan

The Food

My food came out fairly quickly (within 10-15 minutes) despite it being slightly busy. I opened the sandwich wrapper, where the sourdough bread was toasted perfectly, and I could smell the strong aroma of freshly cooked bacon coming from my sandwich. After taking the first bite, I immediately tasted the flavors of the Vermont cheddar cheese, bacon, and spicy aioli, which paired together well. It was undoubtedly a great sandwich, meeting my expectations.

After finishing the sandwich, I tried the cookie. The cookie was fresh out of the oven, still gooey and steaming. They brought it out to me too, which I found to be generous. The cookie was sweet and chocolatey, a satisfying consistency and taste.

My friend who ate with me at Blunch got a toasted plain bagel with cream cheese, which she found to be mediocre, but would still recommend (keep in mind she does come from New Jersey, so it is unlikely that anywhere in Boston will exceed her bagel expectations).

Kerry O'Gara Donovan

The Verdict

Overall, I found Blunch to be a fantastic lunch spot. They have great sandwiches, cookies, and customer service, something that I am always looking for when eating out. If you’re looking for a range of satisfactory sandwiches and sweets, Blunch is definitely a great place to try.