Located right across the sky-lit arena we all know as TD Garden, Blake’s Boston is a new upscale, pub-style restaurant serving up some of New England’s finest classics, like lobster rolls and clam bakes. The sleek and dark interior certainly filled the atmosphere of the restaurant with a mysterious ambiance. Little did we know our stomachs would soon be filled with an incredibly mouth-watering meal.  Thank you for being a new hidden gem in the West End, Blake's Boston!

Jordan Bialock

DRINK: Cranberry Tom Collins

Beefeater gin, cranberry syrup, rosemary

I started off my meal with a beautifully crafted Cranberry Tom Collins, garnished with a slice of lime and a sprig of rosemary. This drink was fruity and refreshing, with hints of lime and rosemary throughout. It was a great twist on a bar classic. 

Jordan Bialock


Beer cheese, pub dijonaise

As the biggest childhood fan of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, I am KNOT kidding you when I say this pretzel was the absolute perfect thickness, fluffiness, and saltiness. Whether you choose to dip it in the warm, oozing beer cheese sauce, or the spicy mustard or have it plain - this simple, but scrumptious appetizer  will not disappoint you. Now this, I call love at first bite! 

Jordan Bialock

APPETIZER: Kale Caesar

Focaccia croutons, parmigiano reggiano

Mama always said to eat your greens! I could not resist ordering the Caesar Salad as it had always been a particular favorite side/salad of mine to order. The greens were drizzled with thick and creamy Caesar dressing. On top, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano added just the right amount of saltiness, and seasoned, buttery focaccia croutons added a bit of crunch! 

Jordan Bialock

SIDE: Mac and Cheese

Rigatoni, white cheddar, parmesan bread crumbs

What a MAJOR upgrade from the college starter pack of Kraft Mac N’ Cheese! You really can’t go wrong with ordering this all-American classic. The creamy consistency of white cheddar, the tenderness of the noodles, and the crispy bite of the parmesan bread crumbs got me immediately cheesin’ at this generously portioned side dish! 

Jordan Bialock

ENTREE: Lacquered Chicken

Brown butter jus

I must say… this dish was definitely one I would call saucy. Perhaps this is because it was my personal favorite of the night! The flavor, juiciness, and tenderness of the chicken was cooked and seasoned ever so perfectly. This bird laid swimming in the middle of a pool of deliciously thick brown butter gravy. I really need to get the behind-the-scenes secrets of this chicken to maybe substitute my Thanksgiving turkey for this plate that I was very much thankful for!

Jordan Bialock

ENTREE: Maple Rosemary Steak Tips

Roasted lemon bearnaise

No need to be spending hundreds of dollars at an overpriced steakhouse because these steak tips will satisfy those meat cravings! The steak tips themselves were so juicy and tender and the maple rosemary flavor was unique, complex, and perfect.  The lemon bearnaise sauce was a beautiful, tangy complement to the already so flavorful steak.

Jordan Bialock

DESSERT: Cannoli

Chocolate chips

After indulging in a delicious meal, I always make sure to save room for dessert… I mean it IS "stressed" spelled backwards! These cannolis had a flaky, crumbly, and buttery exterior to match the sweet, creamy, and fluffy filling. They were dipped with with my childhood favorite - (mini) chocolate chips! Definitely the best cannolis I’ve had in my life. Dare I say, better than some of its North End competitors? Honestly couldn’t have asked the night to end on a sweeter note.

Jordan Bialock

Blake’s Boston definitely should NOT be missed out on. It is the perfect place to stop by before or after an event in TD Garden! Besides their amazing dinner menu, Blake’s Boston is also open for breakfast and serves the classics such as french toast and egg sandwiches, in addition to twists on old, classic favorites like their lobster benedict. Blake’s Boston was one of the best meals I have had in Boston -- I shall now be adding it to my extensive list of go-to places and I highly recommend anyone to try it out this hidden gem in the West End! 

Jordan Bialock
Jordan Bialock

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