Once autumn rolls around in the city and the weather turns crisper, what better way to start your day than with a doughnut and a hot cup of coffee? Boston-famous artisanal doughnut shop Blackbird Doughnuts, is the perfect spot to satisfy your donut cravings. With four locations across the city, Blackbird's Fenway location is withinin walking distance to Boston University. 

Check out this ranking of its six new fall flavors to figure out which donut to grab the next time you stop by!    

Nora Verdier

6. S'moreo Bismarck 

While this doughnut certainly boasts an intriguing flavor combination, it has an overwhelming ratio of cream-filling to dough that results in a heavy, extremely decadent eating experience. The filling flawlessly emulates the center of an Oreo, yet the s'mores factor seems lost in the end result. Overall, this doughnut is quite enjoyable, yet it lacks a fall theme and is overly sweet.

Nora Verdier

5. Cranberry Cocoa

This doughnut was a pleasant surprise. The chocolate base melts in your mouth as you bite into it, and the tanginess of the cranberry glaze perfectly compliments the darkness of the chocolate. Although very rich, the doughnut itself is aesthetically pleasing and its flavors build upon each other well.

4. Cider Doughnut 

This cider doughnut was very enjoyable – and would have tasted even better with a warm cup of coffee or hot apple cider! A sugar-spice mixture coats its exterior with a perfect balance of sweetness and depth. The doughnut's flavors summon stronger flavors of cinnamon rather than apple cider, and the dough itself is a little dry. It is difficult to compare this doughnut with the cider donuts sold at farm stands and apple orchards where the apples are pressed and the doughnuts are fried within minutes of being sold. Nevertheless, this doughnut is sure to satisfy anyone's cider doughnut craving without having to leave the city.

3. Cranberry and Orange Bismarck (V)

This doughnut was an extremely pleasant surprise. The vegan dough was moist, fluffy, and perfectly sweet. The doughnut contains an extremely liberal amount of jammy cranberry sauce filling that produces an extremely sweet, tart bite. However, the orange glaze impeccably compliments the intense cranberry flavor, resulting in a doughnut reminiscent of a delectable Thanksgiving dessert.

Nora Verdier

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake

I had high expectations for this doughnut, and it certainly fulfilled them. Even one of our pumpkin-disliking taste-testers enjoyed it! While the spiced doughnut has an intensely flavored pumpkin puree on top, it is perfectly complimented by a cream glaze that lends to each bite's smooth texture and balance of flavors. The gingersnap crumble on the doughnut's side recall flavors of pumpkin pie.

1. Apple Cider Glazed (V)

This doughnut checked all of the boxes: it has a fluffy texture, a moist dough, a delicious apple cider flavor, and is not overly heavy. While the apple cider glaze is sweet like a Honeycrisp apple picked fresh off the tree, it is not overly decadent. As a classic fall flavor, this doughnut is sure to satisfy anyone's doughnut cravings and leave them feeling filled with the comfort of fall.