Been searching for some delicious bagels in the Greater Boston Area? Look no further than Black Sheep Bagel Cafe. Located right in Harvard Square in Cambridge, this cute cafe has everything you could want, from sweet and savory bagels, to coffee and tea. You can  even order alcohol (21+ only, of course)!

If you love breakfast sandwiches, toasts, and bagels, this is the perfect place to go that will give you everything you are looking for.

Dia Mahesh

The Menu

When you walk into Black Sheep Bagel Cafe, you are greeted with fun plants and sheep decorations. After you overcome the awe at the creative decor, you will see an extensive menu (decorated of course with sheep eating bagels).  They have a wide variety of bagels, coffees, teas, spreads, sandwiches, and toasts. Even if nothing on the menu sounds appealing, you can just make your own with their ingredients! I ordered the breakfast BLT and the avocado toast with bacon with a cafe con leche. You can mix and match sandwiches and toasts with different bagels, and the menu has suggested add-ins if you want a little something extra. The bacon bits in the avocado toast were a delicious add in that is totally worth it for the smoky flavor. My favorite add in for the breakfast BLT is avocado to turn it into a yummy BLAT. Customize your order until you find the perfect bagel for you!

Dia Mahesh

New Addition

On magazine street, construction is currently underway for a small market by Black Sheep Bagel Cafe. In the same area as the original cafe, about one mile away, will be a market that will have coffee, Black Sheep bagels, and even breakfast pastries for other local bakeries. When the market first opens, it will not have the full espresso bar and bagel sandwiches like the original Black Sheep Bagel Cafe, but the owners hope to lunch these additions in the next year. Prepare yourself for another place to satisfy all your bagel needs!

Dia Mahesh


Black Sheep Bagel Cafe isn't only a place to get yummy breakfast items. This unique cafe also holds events for a little something extra to do. Every Monday at 4:30pm the cafe holds FREE vinyasa yoga. They don't even require you to register. All you need to do is bring a yoga mat and enjoy yourself. Yoga isn't the only thing you can enjoy when you get a bagel. The cafe also holds live music events. Some are ticketed and some are free, so make sure to check out their events board and instagram to keep track of what's going on. 

*Right now, due to COVID-19 there are no events being held. Check their website and instagram to find out when these events will be available again!

Dia Mahesh

Whether you want a breakfast sandwich, a coffee, or even just a bagel with cream cheese, Black Sheep Bagel Cafe is the place to go. Follow their social media to keep up on the going ons of the cafe and to get updates on events and the new market!

Instagram: @blacksheepbagelcafe