Tacos are essential to my being. Unfortunately, downtown Binghamton was lacking in the taco department...until now. 

Not even a year ago, the corner of Washington Street and Henry Street was home to an old, dusty car garage. It was empty, unused and abandoned.

A local genius decided to turn the run down garage into a taco garage, changing downtown Binghamton forever. 

Kayla Jimenez

The Garage opened this summer, and so far has been a hit. This taco garage, located at 211 Washington Street, is inherently way better than a regular garage. It's typically open from noon to midnight. The menu is simple and affordable, making satisfying your taco cravings guilt-free and easily doable. It's a quick walk from plenty of houses, bars, and bus stops downtown.

The other night, I visited the the taco bar. The restaurant maintains the efficient simplicity of a garage and incorporates the garage vibe into its overall aesthetic – totally trendy. Still shocked that this was once a musty garage, I went up to the register. The menu may have only had a little over ten items, but the decision was still a tough one. I ordered two tacos, the carnitas taco and the pollo asado taco, and spent no more than $8. My tacos were ready in less than ten minutes, and they were gone almost as fast.

tacos, slaw, cabbage, cilantro, fish, salsa, lime
Kayla Jimenez

Both in soft shells, the carnitas taco was the perfect combination of juicy, tender, and sweet, while the pollo asado was the ideal spicy, smoky complement. My friend ordered a side of guac and that was the icing on the cake. The guac was almost as good as Chipotle’s.

I left with a smile on my face, a full stomach, and minimal losses to my bank account. The food was sensational, the ambience heightened the experience, and the affordability makes it something I can look forward to indulging in again and again.