Bill Murray has become a local treasure in Charleston. Bill Murray sightings occur often now that he co-owns a restaurant as well as the Charleston River Dogs. His fame is not evident in the way he casually strolls around the streets.

Saying “I saw Bill Murray today” is more of a casual statement to me than I ever thought it would be before. What’s even better than just seeing Bill Murray is dining at the same restaurant as him. He knows where the local gems are. When Anthony Bourdain asked him about Charleston, Murray declared that food everywhere else is just “eh” in comparison.

1. Husk

Bill Murray

Photo courtesy of @huskrestaurant on Instagram

Husk is known for its classic Southern cooking. They focus on fresh seafood with added low country flair, and that is what Bill Murray loves to eat. Husk keeps it simple, but presents it in an upscale way, making it one of the most well-renowned restaurants in Charleston. If you want to get the real Southern experience, check out their homemade cornbread.

2. Harold’s Cabin

Bill Murray

Photo courtesy of @haroldscabin on Instagram

This may be a little obvious, but not everyone knows that Bill Murray co-owns this restaurant. The menu focuses on fresh vegetables and local seafood and game. They honor the history of the building by still serving snowballs and local products like the original Harold’s Cabin.

3. King Street Grille

Bill Murray

Photo courtesy of @kingstgrille on Instagram

There is a blog that compiles Bill Murray stories because most sightings of Bill are completely random. One blogger reported seeing him at King Street Grille and he was sitting at the bar, casually sipping on his drink like everyone else. King Street Grille is a great place to go for the big game, especially if it’s on a Wednesday. On Wednesday, King Street Grille has half-priced burgers, which is a major score.

4. Hall’s Chophouse

Bill Murray

Photo courtesy of @hallschophouse on Instagram

A lot of the Bill Murray stories mention a mysterious steakhouse and if I had as much money as Bill Murray, I would definitely spend it at Hall’s. Hall’s is the place that all the college kids walk by and drool/cry because they cannot afford it. If you are broke, but want to cook the steak yourself, check out this foolproof method.

5. Poogan’s Porch

Bill Murray

Photo courtesy of @poogansporchchs on Instagram

Poogan’s porch is known for its dog-friendly policy. Many people have fallen for an internet hoax that attributes the quote, “I’m suspicious of people who do not like dogs, but I trust a dog when it does not like a person,” to Bill Murray. Nevertheless, this restaurant is known for its classic Southern cooking, so that, combined with a dog-friendly atmosphere, is a magnet for Mr. Murray. Their shrimp and grits will remind you where you are and why Charleston has one of the best restaurant scenes in the country.