The months between December and April are full of ice skating at the Washington Harbor, having  hot chocolate at your local coffee shop, or checking out the newest museum exhibitions. Oh, and don’t forget about the flu, sinus infections, colds, strep throat… you get the point; it’s almost inevitable that you will be stuck in bed at some point. When you’re sick, there’s nothing more gratifying than a steaming cup of soup or freshly made grilled cheese. Unfortunately, many dining halls aren’t  talented with comfort food. As flu season reaches its peak, check out these restaurants that specialize in comfort food around the DMV (oh, and they all deliver right to your dorm room, too). 

Sprig and Sprout

With an unlimited number of customizable pho bowls, Sprig and Sprout never disappoints. They offer nearly everything, whether you’re searching for a spicy rice bowl or classic chicken broth pho. And, their portions will last you for days, or just as long as you’re still in bed.

Best for: the flu, sore throat

$$ (10-15)

Order through: ubereats

DGS Delicatessen

There’s one thing this Jewish deli knows how to do right: Matzo ball soup. Made with either vegetable or chicken broth, their soups are guaranteed to make you feel better. And, don't forget to order the DGS famous matzo balls, as they add the perfect flavor to an otherwise traditional soup.

Best for: the flu, sore throat

$ (6-10)

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Jinya Ramen Bar

If you need a quick way to clear out your sinuses, order the spicy ramen from Jinya Ramen Bar. In addition to authentic ramen bowls, they also offer rice bowls, salads and vegetarian ramen. Their numerous different soup options act as the ideal, more spice-filled, alternative to the traditional chicken noodle soup

Best for: sinus infection, colds

$$ (10-15)

order through: ubereats

GCDC Grilled Cheese Bar

If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s grilled cheese. If you’re one of the lucky few without a sore throat, GCDC’s Grilled Cheese Bar is a tasty way to warm up. They have somehow found a way to master the craft of grilled cheese: the variety of gooey cheddars sandwiched between two perfectly grilled buttered pieces of bread is impeccable. And, all sandwiches come with either tomato soup or mac and cheese (p.s. they have gluten free bread!). 

Best for: minor cold

$$ (10-15)

order through: doordash or trycaviar

Zorba’s Café

The cute neighborhood café, located near Dupont Circle, has seemingly perfected the classic chicken noodle soup you need when you're not feeling great. Zorba's soup is made with a lemon broth, complimented with locally sourced vegetables, rice, and chicken. If you're looking for that traditional and simple soup that so closely resembles the soup you grew up with, be sure to give Zorba's a try. 

Best for: the flu, cold, sore throat

$ (<5)

order through: grubhub

Panas Gourmet

Although empanadas are not usually deemed “sick food”, Panas Gourmet’s hot empanadas are a perfect way to warm up when you’re not feeling 100%. From traditional empanadas, like ground beef and onion, to more contemporary combinations, like spinach, goat cheese, and raisins, Panas Gourmet never fails to disappoint. And, you can order in whatever variety you want and as many as you want.

Best for: sinus infections


Order through: Panas Gourmet


Daikaya has been widely known around D.C. to consistently serve a flavorful bowl of ramen. Whether you want a steaming 100% vegetable bowl or the spicy miso bowl, their ramen never fails to cure a cold. Although the ramen joint has only been around for four years, Daikaya has already established itself as one of the best ramen restaurants in D.C.

Best for: sinus infections, colds


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Toki Underground

As D.C.'s very first ramen house, Toki Underground is the perfect place to satisfy your ramen fix. Although most of their dishes are relatively simple, the numerous flavors makes each bowl savory and delicious. 

Best for: sinus infections, the flu, colds

$$ (10-15)

Order from: trycaviar