As an avid food lover and recovering cheese addict, going vegan was an influential and difficult journey. I was scared that I would miss all the animal products that I used to indulge in. I found however, that being vegan is definitely not as hard as I anticipated—especially because of all the amazing vegan friendly food I’ve found in the great city of Halifax!

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegan, these hot spots are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite and crush your sweet tooth. Not only are these places absolutely delicious, they are also healthier and environmentally conscious.

1. Humani-T Cafe

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I will start with my absolute favorite vegan treat in the city: the vegan Panini, the daily vegan soup, and gelato for dessert from Humani-T café! An absolute flavor explosion, the vegan Panini is filled with sweet potato, avocado, caramelized onion and spinach on a crispy-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside bun. The daily soups are always vegan and gluten free—I personally recommend the sweet potato fiesta soup, but they are ALL winners. To end your amazing meal and to cleanse your palette, Humani-T offers an array of soy-based gelatos that could compete with the gelato found on a European adventure. The cafe itself is a little pricey, however since it is all organic and local, it is reasonable. The meal mentioned above would come out to be around $16, depending on the size of gelato you get. Quality and quantity wise, you are getting your moneys worth.

2. enVie – A Vegan Kitchen

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If you are looking for a more elegant atmosphere, I would recommend En Vie—a completely vegan restaurant that serves mock animal dishes like poutine, Caesar salad, and ravioli! Vanessa Oly, a first year Dalhousie student, raves “I had the most amazing experience on my birthday, amazing food, beautiful atmosphere, and great service! Perfect to celebrate any occasion!” I personally recommend to start with the poutine and finish with their rich chocolate cake. The quantities are relatively large, and you will absolutely leave feeling satisfied. For our 19+ friends, they have an array of organic wines, craft beers, and sparkling champagnes. Each dish ranges in price from around $10 to $25, but certainly is worth every penny.

3. Krave Burger 

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If you are in search of a more laid back bite, head on over to Krave Burger on Spring Garden Road. They serve a wicked veggie burger and sweet potato fries. This burger is not like other veggie burgers; it is packed with beans, lentils, corn, and is tempeh-based. This flavorful combination is perfectly complemented by your choice of sweet potato fries or regular fries. This is a great place to socialize, especially with your meat-loving friends (seeing as they are known for their burgers). Only vegetarians and vegans know the pain of having to order a salad due to a lack of animal friendliness, but have no fear at Krave Burger; you can eat like royalty at a very low cost.

4. Pete’s to GoGo

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If you live in Halifax, it is likely that you have heard of Pete’s to GoGo on Spring Garden or the one of the Dal campus. They are famous for their make-your-own salad bar which (hint hint) offers tofu. I am a HUGE fan of their salads, however they are a tad pricey, and I find that all the money on my DalCard is soaked up by the small salads I order on the daily. It’s an addiction. Seriously. However, what most vegans don’t know is that a salad is not the only delicious indulgence Pete’s has to offer. I give you: West African Peanut Soup that is a to-die-for blend of peanut butter, tomato base, and perfect variety of spices. It is a thick and creamy soup without all the cream. Seriously, absolutely delicious and 100% cruelty free. Not only amazing, but also very reasonably priced. So, on a day that your bank account can’t quite take the hit of a salad, the peanut soup is a for sure go-to. #SpoonTip: if you do get a salad, for only two dollars more you can get a small soup to make it a combo!

There are a ton of hidden vegan gems in Halifax, and I plan on seeking out all of them. So far, these have been my favorites. Give them a try, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Happy eating!