Coming from California, sushi is a staple in my diet. At home, I could get sushi, poké bowls, sashimi, and even sushi burritos on every corner, but moving to the South presented a harsh reality. I'm exactly four hours and nineteen minutes away from the nearest ocean, and the idea of eating sushi in Dallas caused me to panic in fear of the impending doom that is food poisoning. Very slowly, I tested the waters to find the best sushi spots in Dallas so other Californians don't have to be afraid of that local Texas seafood.

1. Five Sixty

Kailey Goerlitz

At Five Sixty Dallas, you get a sushi experience unparalleled to anywhere in the world. At the top of reunion tower, the entire restaurant revolves giving you a 360° view of Dallas. The Surf and Turf roll is decadent with wagyu prime beef seated atop of a lobster roll. Aside from their unique sushi, the menu features Wolfgang Puck's twist on asian fusion and Southern comfort with dishes like wagyu brisket potstickers and crispy general tso's quail. 

2. Nobu

Nothing quite compares to the world-renowned sushi restaurant, Nobu. Every major city across the world has a Nobu and there is no wonder why this sushi chain has been so successful. It offers unique takes on traditional sushi with dishes such as toro crudo with caviar, spicy tuna on top of crispy rice, and their signature mateo roll. 

3. Uchi Dallas

Quickly rising to be one of the best sushi spots in Dallas, Uchi comes in at number three. This restaurant is a favorite for Dallas Cowboys players, featuring upscale sushi like wagyu beef on a hot rock and fois gras nigiri. If you're looking for something a little more casual, Uchi has another restaurant upstairs, Top Knot, that offers craft cocktails and shareable appetizers. 

4. Little Katana

Budget friendlier than the first three options, Little Katana stands as an SMU favorite. Perfect for large groups, Little Katana offers sushi boats filled to the brim with fresh sashimi, nigiri and delectable rolls. Don't skip out on the table-side fried rice. In a sizzling 400° stone bowl, you pick your toppings like onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers and it's mixed and cooked right in front of you. 

5. Sushi Axiom

Every weekend, you can find groups of SMU students pre-gaming their formal at Sushi Axiom. Offering a fun modern vibe, Sushi Axiom creates dishes like their stacked tuna tower to mimic their ambiance. Looking for a drink? Don't skip out on their green apple martini which pairs perfectly with their sushi. 

6. Sushi Kyoto

Located right across from campus, Sushi Kyoto is a popular spot for students without a car or looking for a quick bite of sushi to eat. Their volcano roll is fire and you can't beat their daily specials. However, Sushi Kyoto receives a lot of flack because it's very expensive for very average sushi. But, it's the closest sushi to campus and will beat the sketchy dining hall sushi any day. 

After my two years on SMU's campus, I've tested the waters and have found, what I believe to be, the best sushi restaurants in Dallas. There's no need to fear food poisoning at these restaurants that offer only the freshest fish that can be caught here in Dallas.