It’s 2:15 am on a Saturday. You look around and realize that you’ve somehow made it back to High St. After a long night of drinking, walking, and overall partying, your body is saying, “Get me food NOW.”

Will you settle for the closest fast food chain, or will you take the time to find a place that will knock your drunk socks off? If you chose the latter, congrats. You deserve to be a college student with somewhat high standards.

When it comes to late night cravings at The Ohio State University, you have hit the jackpot. Listed here by category are the best joints near campus for whatever food you’ve a late-night hankering for.


late night

Photo by Kari Jasinksi

Tonight feels like a pizza night. And while yes, almost every night feels like it should be one, you’re going to get something more special than delivery.

Pizza by the Slice will satisfy absolutely any pizza craving and shut your stomach up as you enter heaven with every bite. Slices are big, dough is soft, and cheese is cheese, so that’s awesome.
Next stop before you drop is Catfish Biffs on south campus. Catfish has absolutely nothing to do with fish and honestly we have no idea why it’s called that.

But what we do know is that they know how to make some great ‘za. Overall pizza is thin, crust is thick, and the cheese and savory toppings even had Britney saying, “Gimme gimme more.”


late night

Photo by Kari Jasinksi

When someone mentions Buckeye Donuts, please don’t be the sad soul who says “but I thought we were getting gyros?” Yes, Buckeye Donuts has donuts, but it also excels in the greek food that they offer.

Their nine gyros are topped with refreshing vegetables, and you better not shy away from any of their fried items. You’ll regret it. Or eat someone else’s. Then they’ll regret it.
One of the top 10 words you’ll encounter at OSU includes a name. That name is Apollo’s. Here it’s hard to go wrong with their gyros or anything else they might serve for that matter.

Getting the original is probably one of the easiest decisions you can make during your night out. You’ll be ready for a deep winter’s sleep once you’ve finishing inhaling everything that you forgot you ordered.

Late Night Subs

late night

Photo by Kari Jasinksi

There are times that you’re so impatient for food, you need it in your hands like yesterday. That’s when hitting up Jimmy Johns is the play. They don’t mess around when it comes to fast service. And the best part? The subs still taste good. So quit your hangry whining and order that Turkey Tom already.
Not only does PJ’s deliver alcohol to your doorstep, but it also has outrageous subs. If you have never stumbled in to order a late night Fat Bitch at 2am, are you sure you even go here? For those who don’t know (or remember), it’s mozzarella sticks, french fries, chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese all in one bun.

Whether or not you recall eating the Fat Bitch, you’ll definitely wake up the next morning feeling like one.

Fried Chicken

late night

Photo by Morgan Goldberg

There’s only one reasonable answer for this category, and that is Raising Cane’s fried chicken. Aside from the succulent toast and decadent fries, fried chicken is the only thing that they make. And they make it stupid well.

Their secret sauce is legit a mystery but who cares because it actually makes the perfect dip. Cane’s is always bumpin’ on the weekends, which makes it quite the social experience while you’re waiting in line.

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