It’s finals season again which means you may or may not have already taken up residence in Bobst. Finding a spot in Bobst can be a challenge so once you’ve claimed the perfect study spot, you’ll probably be there there for a while. But if you have to pull an all-nighter, who says you’re stuck with only M&Ms from the vending machine for midnight fuel? Plenty of restaurants around Washington Square deliver, which means they can deliver to your new home at the library. We sifted through Seamless to find the best picks in the area so you can spend more time studying and/or watching Netflix and funny animal videos.

Best Vegetarian: ‘sNice

Best Seamless

Photo by Tazzie T. (Yelp)

Recharge with a healthy tofu scramble wrap (breakfast is served all day), fresh smoothie or a roasted vegetable panini. And don’t forget to order a cookie or vegan cupcake for dessert!

150 Sullivan Street (between Prince & Houston)
Delivery minimum: $10
Hours: 7:30 AM-10 PM

Best Sushi: AA Ichiban

Best Seamless

Photo by Englewood P. (Yelp)

If you need a long study break but want to feel productive, just reading through AA Ichiban’s menu will serve as a tasty distraction. With so many choices, it’s almost impossible not to find something you like.

213 W. 28th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave.)
Delivery minimum: $12
Hours: 12 PM-10:45 PM Sun., 11 AM-10:45 PM Mon.-Thurs., 11:30 AM-11:45 PM Fri.-Sat.

Best Pizza: Forcella

Best Seamless

Photo by Benny G. (Yelp)

Late-night carb cravings? Order a Margherita pizza and truffle fries from Forcella and share them with a study buddy. Or just eat the whole pie by yourself, we won’t judge.

334 Bowery (between Bond & Great Jones)
Delivery minimum: $13
Hours: 12 PM-11 PM Sun.-Wed., 12 PM-12 AM Thu.-Fri.

Best Dessert: Spot Dessert Bar

Photo by Spot Dessert Bar (Yelp)

Treat yo’ self: skip dinner and go straight to dessert with a uniquely sweet treat from Spot. They also have bubble tea, frozen hot chocolate and lattes. Order directly from for a wider selection.

13 St. Marks (between 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
Delivery minimum: $12
Hours: 12 PM-1 AM

Best Late-Night: Insomnia Cookies

Photo by Tina B. (Yelp)

It’s midnight. You’ve been in the library for 12 hours straight, and aren’t even close to finishing those finals papers. What do you do? Order fresh, warm cookies and a bottle of cold milk from Insomnia, obviously. An NYU favorite, Insomnia delivers until 3 AM. Bonus: they’re currently offering a study break special: 30 cookies for $33, perfect for sharing with friends.

50 W. 8th Street (between MacDougal & 6th Ave.)
Delivery minimum: $6
Hours: 5 PM-2:45 AM (store hours are 10 AM-3 AM)