Sick of ramen noodles? Order a pizza. Don't feel like cooking? Pizza is just a website click away. Need a romantic dinner for 1 in your dorm room? Pizza is the best date out there. It's no secret college students don't have money, so knowing the best places to buy cheap, but good pizza in Tucson is kind of a rite of passage for all freshmen. Skip the 29 cent chicken-flavored ramen noodles and pick up the phone to order a pizza. Below are three places to find the best quality pizza in Tucson. 

Best Overall Price: Little Caesars

For one large pepperoni pizza, the price is only $5. Plus if you order online for the first time, you get a coupon for $5 off. That means you can order more pizza, crazy bread, chicken wings, or cinnamon crazy bites. Even if you don't want to online, you can walk into the restaurant and carry out which is pretty convenient when you're in a rush.

Unfortunately, the closest location to campus is located at 515 E. Grant Rd., which isn't the most convenient if you're without a car, but the cheap prices definitely make up for the off campus trek.

Best for Curing the Drunchies: Hungry Howie's

Although the large pepperoni pizza is $9.99, the store stays open until 3 am every day of the week and delivers. Hungry Howie's is never short on coupons, so you can use these to get a better deal. One of the coolest features Hungry Howie's offers is different flavors of crust like cajun or asiago for $1.99, if you're feeling fancy. If you don't want to pay the $3.50 delivery fee (not including tip) then the nearest store is 3122 N. Campbell Ave.

Best Quality and Taste: Blackjack Pizza & Salads

Blackjack may be the most expensive for a large pepperoni pizza costing $13.49, but the price is totally worth it. Even if you want to change the crust or style, the price remains the same. Choose from thin, NY thin, hand toss, or square pan the price for a large pie will still be $13.49. The location closest to campus is at 2505 N Campbell Ave., but if you're looking to have it delivered they charge $2.50 (not including tip) for this service.

Blackjack is also perfect for late night study sessions because they stay open until 1 am. Not in the mood for pizza? They also have legendary salads, bread and ice cream for dessert.

In the end, Little Caesars offers the best price for large pepperoni pizza. The best place to get a cheap pie after 2 am after a night out is Hungry Howie's since they stay open until 3 am. Blackjack Pizza & Salads may have the most expensive large pepperoni, but if you bring taste buds into the equation, it is the best bang for your buck at $13.49. Make your wallet and your taste buds happy by ordering from any of these three pizza places.