Countless college students have migrated to New York City to intern at some of the most prestigious companies in the world. However, with that internship comes responsibility and lots of work, but not too much pay. With so much to see, do, and eat in New York, where do you spend your short one hour lunch break, especially when you're on an intern budget? Here is a guide to the best places to grab a quick lunch during your summer internship in NYC that satisfy your lunch cravings and are easy on your wallet. Don't settle for the hot dog cart on the corner!

1. by CHLOE

Elizabeth Maline

by CHLOE is a vegan fast food chain that appeals to everyone's senses, even if you aren't vegan. Opened in 2015 by Samantha Wasser, by CHLOE is the fastest growing vegan burger chain in New York City. But burgers are just one of by CHLOE's delicious lunch options. Other items include delectable pastas like mac and cheese (made from sweet potatoes and cashews with mushroom bacon) and avocado pesto pasta. Lunch favorites consist of the quinoa taco salad, with seitan chorizo as a substitute for taco meat, kale caesar salad, avocado toast, and sandwiches like the pesto meatball sandwich made of portobello and veggie balls and cashew parmesan. You can now order ahead online and pick up at your desired location to avoid the line! There are also countless to-go items in the front cooler like sesame soba noodles.

With five locations in New York and others in Boston and London, there is sure to be a location convenient for you! Be sure to check out Sweets by CHLOE's vegan desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth, too.

2. Bluestone Lane

Elizabeth Maline

Bluestone Lane is the perfect lunch option for when you get to work so early that you're not sure if you're in the mood for breakfast or lunch. This chain of cafes has an extensive brunch menu that consists of their famous avo smash avocado toast (one of the many options from the toast bar), banana bread, and many breakfast sandwiches and eggs. 

Elizabeth Maline

More in the mood for lunch? Try the rainbow bowl full of veggies, the sautéed kale and quinoa bowl, or the sweet potato hummus toast. And last but not least, don't forget the essential ingredient to intern success: coffee! Bluestone Lane has a wide selection of coffees, lattes, teas, and cappuccinos at the cafes and at their smaller coffee shop locations even more abundant than their café locations.

With five locations in the New York area, one in Washington DC, one in Venice Beach and one in Philadelphia, this chain hits all the intern hot spots.

3. Dig Inn

Elizabeth Maline

Dig Inn provides a nice twist on your typical salad from Sweetgreen or CHOP'T. All of the fresh vegetables and protein that make up Dig Inn's amazing salad and grain bowls are sourced directly from local farmers. Such ingredients include fresh broccoli, sweet potatoes, chicken, and fish, however, ingredients are always changing to newer and fresher ones depending on availability. They also have an outstanding healthy-ish mac and cheese that you don't want to miss out on.

Visit Dig Inn's many locations throughout New York City, Boston, and Westchester. 

4. The Little Beet

beet, vegetable, beet root, sweet
Katie Zizmor

The Little Beet is the perfect mix between Mediterranean, Japanese, and health conscious. This chain is another great way to spice up your daily salad order that will inevitably become boring. Popular dishes from this chain include bowls like "Brussels Hustle," "Yuzu Poke," and "Sweet Beet." They also have an amazing "Make Your Own Plate" option which includes ingredients like beet falafel, sesame avocado, tofu, and braised pork.

The Little Beet has locations throughout Manhattan as well as additional ones in Washington DC, Westchester, Long Island, Virginia, and new locations opening frequently.

5. Melt Shop

Elizabeth Maline

Throw that diet out the window. Melt Shop covers all your cravings from grilled cheese to milkshakes to tater tots. If you're looking for the ultimate comfort food lunch spot whether its raining or you've had a bad day, this is your place. Order at the counter and then dig in to some of the cheesiest carb-loaded sandwiches in the city. Plus, everything is made to order.

Check out a Melt Shop near you in locations around the country such as New York City, Westchester, Garden City, Woodbury Commons, and other locations in Pennsylvania and Minnesota. Order online to bypass the line or step into the modern picnic style eatery and enjoy your lunch.

With so many trendy eateries and more opening every day, it can be overwhelming to walk the streets of a busy city and find a fast, yet delicious and dependable lunch spot. Hopefully this guide helped you narrow down the many lunching possibilities into a few great ones that will never disappoint.