St. Armand Circle is not only your ultimate outdoor shopping destination but it has plenty of mouth-watering restaurants that will keep you coming back to try each one. You might just want to stay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. From coffee shops, diners, daiquiri bars, vegan-friendly spots, gelatos and ice cream, fancy taco shacks to even tea shops and oil shops, the Circle has just about everything. The center of the circle is an abundance of green called Circle Park where events are held, even food festivals. It's an ultimate foodie destination. Here are some of my favorite places to go at St. Armand Circle.

Green Zebra Cafe

beer, wine, pizza
Emma Henzes

One of my favorite spots in the Circle, Green Zebra Cafe has many choices of juices, smoothies, sandwiches, bowls, salads and much more that makes you want to come back again and again. Which I do. The big menu is a crowd pleaser. It's great for a lunch that won't weigh on you as you shop your way through the circle and you won't feel it when you change into your bathing suit either. With vacations being just as much about food as the location, it's a delicious place to eat a healthy meal that you'll feel good about after. Some of my favorites are the Sunset smoothie and Endless Summer salad. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Green Zebra Cafe is your stop for fresh, healthy choices. They boast of their raw, vegan and organic options that will not disappoint. And it does NOT disappoint.

The Terrace At Surf Shack 

If you are looking for tacos, this your place to be. The Surf Shack is known for their affordable gourmet tacos that range from crab or shrimp tacos to chicken or veggie tacos and everything in between. Another place with a large menu, there is a lot more to choose from than just their tacos. As you are on the Gulf Coast, they serve up fresh seafood. For a meal with a view, I recommend sitting on the terrace on the second floor that overlooks the park. A table pleaser, their "dipping trio" is a great starter with fresh guac you know they just made for your order, queso and garlic tomato salsa that actually tasted like it came from a backyard garden. You can tell that they take having fresh ingredients seriously. 

The Spice & Tea Exchange of Sarasota

Besides being a tea fanatic, the set up of this spice and tea shop drew me immediately. Lining the walls are jar after jar of different spices, sugars, and loose leaf teas. Encouraged to smell the teas, their staff is ready to help you and educate you while picking a tea that's just right for you. With more than 70 shops across the country, this shop knows their stuff. I was most intrigued by different varieties of flavored sugars. I just can't leave without trying a new one. The salted caramel and blueberry are keepers. They also have plenty of equipment to help your tea fetish. It's hard to walk out of their empty-handed. If you like green tea, grab a can of the green tea mints at that counter. Well, pay for them first, they'll be your new addiction. 

Le Macaron

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Emma Henzes
cream, chocolate, sandwich
Emma Henzes

The glass cases filled with macaroons and tubs of gelato will draw you right in the open door. Le Macaron is a French-styled bakery that started in Florida and is now across the US. These macarons are unrivaled to me, a girl who wishes she could compare them to actual French macarons. The Madagascar Black Vanilla macaron holds the crown for best vanilla flavor that's ever been in my mouth. For a quick pop-in or to stay awhile for their cafe-like atmosphere, it's worth a stop.

Settimi's Gelato 

beer, pizza
Emma Henzes
coffee, tea, chocolate, ice
Emma Henzes

A huge gelato fan, I made sure I got my fill even if that meant running through a Floridian-style terenchal downpour from the Surf Shack to Settimi's. As gelato is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste buds -or maybe that's just me- classic flavors like Stracciatella and Tiramisu are perfect for a hot, humid Florida afternoon or anytime because Florida is always like that. But, they serve up more than just gelato. Just like a great Italian establishment should, they have cappuccinos steamed from gorgeous machines. You can get two scoops of gelato topped off with their homemade cappuccino and you'll want to say goodbye to Starbucks forever. My favorite is a Dulce de Leche gelato cappiccino.

There's plenty more restaurants to check out, and honestly I'd love to blow all my money there and just eat my way through the circle, but unfortunately, these are the only places I've had the pleasure of enjoying so check out St. Armand Circle to see what other great places it has to hold.