If you’re living in the downtown Charleston area, then you know all about the great food that it has to offer. Whether you are feeling like some amazing seafood or some killer BBQ, Charleston has you covered.

But what about those times you have a craving in your stomach that only pizza will satisfy? Well, you are in luck, because Charleston has some great pizza places that you have to check out.

D’Allesandro’s Pizza

Photo courtesy of www.facebook.com/dalspizza

People don’t go to D’Allesandro’s just for the pizza, but also for the atmosphere. If you’re wanting some chill vibes, an awesome staff, and good pizza, then you’ll fit right in at D’al’s.

Sabatino’s Authentic New York Pizza

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/sabatinosnypizza

Looking for a late night snack? Try one of Sab’s late night options, like pepperoni or cheese pizza, for only $2 and change. Your life will never be the same at 2 am.

Gilroy’s Pizza Pub

Photo by Isaac Greenbaum 

Gilroy’s is that pizza place in any city that everyone has heard about. It has license plates from different states on the wall and has been in the same spot for 35 years. Order an 8 inch pizza, and while you’re at it, grab a beer too.

Pizzeria Di Giovanni

Photo courtesy of zomato.com

This pizza place is known for being one of Charleston’s hidden gems. They serve the largest and quite possibly the tastiest pizza slices in the city. How awesome is that?