When I was younger, I was allergic to pretty much everything, one of those things being eggs. That meant my faulty immune system prevented me from devouring the fluffy deliciousness that is french toast. 11 years later, I am very fortunate to say that french toast was the first food I tried when I outgrew my allergy. Unveiling a whole new world of flavor, french toast has crept its way onto my frequently eaten and cherished foods list in both my kitchen and in a variety of the best places to get french toast. 

Nowadays, I am a self-proclaimed french toast connoisseur, and you can find me devouring every last bite. Whether it be breakfast, brunch, lunch, or breakfast for dinner, there are no limits set on when one can enjoy french toast. It is always welcomed. While Monmouth County is typically known for its ice cream and pizza, us Jerseyians can add one more food to our favorites list: french toast. So, without further ado, here are the seven best places to get french toast in Monmouth County. 


Meemom's Kitchen offers a variety of eye-catching french toast dishes that makes its customers salivate at their very descriptions. Granting us with artistic and inventive flavor palates ranging from Cookie Doughn't You Want Some, Campfire, and Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Meemom's quickly captivates its patrons with its wide selection. There is certainly a skillfully crafted dish for everyone. If you are craving an outrageously decadent breakfast, Meemom's is the place for you. 

Over Easy Kitchen

Over Easy Kitchen takes the prize for the homiest atmosphere to enjoy some amazing french toast. Though the french toast is not the highlight of their menu, it can be described no less than "heavenly", with even that being an understatement for its rich, decadent flavor. The thick yet fluffy brioche bread and the hints of sugar and cinnamon in the batter combine to form an unforgettable dish that leaves its mark on your taste buds. Topped off with some of the best carmelized seasonal fruit around, this dish is promised to make your mouth water from the very first bite to the very last one. 

The Buttered Biscuit

In The Buttered Biscuit's case, simplicity is the key to success in french toast. The masterful yet simple mixtures of rich Challah bread, powdered sugar, and maple syrup blend to form something pleasing and welcoming. Both the cozy atmosphere and the familiarity in the flavors leave customers wanting to devour the very last bite of this airy, sweet dish. If you feel like adding more carbs to your meal, grab one of their freshly baked biscuits on the way out.  

The Turning Point

The Turning Point has locations all throughout Monmouth County, so you can try some of the best french toast wherever you go. Featuring catchy names, such as "OMG" and "Grand French", as well as other unique flavor palates to match, The Turning Point takes the combination of savory and sweet to a whole new level. Both the inventiveness and the careful thought placed into each menu item leaves customers consistently craving their exquisite french toast varieties. 

Toast City Diner

Peace, love, french toast. Toast City Diner is truly one of the best places to get french toast if you are craving a tasty meal fresh from the griddle. Cooked to perfection, Toast offers us a wide spectrum of dishes ranging from simple to luscious. All of the french toast dishes have one thing in common: a delicate and airy sweetness in every bite. Whether you order the basic Challah french toast or another kind smothered in nuts, fruit, and chocolate, you are sure to leave Toast with a full stomach and a full appreciation for their recipes.

The Committed Pig

While bacon and hamburgers are at the forefront of this restaurant, The Committed Pig is still one of the best places to get french toast. Coated in honey and cinnamon batter and carpeted with powdered sugar, this french toast is bound to make any head turn at the mere sight of it. Whenever I'm at The Committed Pig, I can't help but longingly gaze to a neighboring table at the mile-high pile of whipped cream on the Strawberry Shortcake french toast. This restaurant's dedication to perfecting their breakfast selections leaves many unable to resist inhaling these excellent french toast dishes. 

Project Brunch

Project Brunch is a restaurant for both the best french toast in Monmouth County and a perfectly Instragrammable plate. Fulfilling the definition of eye-candy, you will find delectable options brimming from the seams of this enormous menu. Whether you devour a weekly special or some banana bread french toast from the regular menu, you can guarantee satisfaction for nearly any sugary craving. And the best part? Project Brunch is also open for dinner. 

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Rachel Rimmele

That being said, a weekend cannot be spent without a delicious brunch to accompany it. If you are in Monmouth County and are craving french toast, input these seven restaurants into your GPS and get ready to indulge. I promise that the buttery, fluffy, rich tastes of these delectable french toast dishes will never disappoint your taste buds or your soul.