If you're like me, brunch is something you look forward to every weekend, or weekday if you're lucky enough to not have an 8 am. There's honestly nothing better than getting to sleep into the afternoon hours and being able to still enjoy a delicious breakfast. As a brunch enthusiast, I've taken it upon myself to do some investigating to see where the best places to get brunch near Elon are. 

1. West End Terrace

toast, french toast, chocolate, coffee, sweet
Alden Terry

My first discovery was Elon's very own West End Terrace. This is a fun and trendy restaurant with outdoor seating that makes for an enjoyable meal, while also being able to bask in the midmorning sun and get your tan on. Their reasonably priced menu features food ranging from a delicious breakfast burrito to nacho-esque home fries. However, my personal favorite is their heavenly french toast, because who doesn't love carbs and loads of syrup.

2. Blend Juice Boutique 

sashimi, rice, tuna
Ashley Andrews

Second on my destination list is the Blend Juice Boutique. With grab-n-go customizable oatmeals, vegan snacks, salads, smoothies and every type of juice imaginable on their menu, this is where you want to go to start off your day on a bright and healthy note. There are so many yummy options, that you honestly can't go wrong. That being said, I highly recommend the "I Can't Believe It's Not Chocolate," smoothie. This is the chocolate milkshake's healthy twin and will have you wondering if it's acceptable to get another. I'm here to tell ya, it is.

3. The Blend & Co.

muesli, granola, cereal, blueberry, milk, oatmeal, berry, yogurt
Ashley Andrews

The third place you should hit up is The Blend & Co., which is not to be mistaken for Blend Juice Boutique. This posh establishment is a quaint little coffee shop nestled right in the heart of Burlington. If you're in the mood for a rich steaming cup of joe, a decadent pastry or a beautifully crafted smoothie bowl, go forth and enjoy. 

4. The Burlington Co-Op

beer, wine
Ashley Andrews
Right down the way from The Blend & Co., is The Burlington Co-Op. In addition to being a local market, this place has a menu full of hearty sandwiches that will rock your world. They also have a hot bar that serves an array of fresh vegetables and protein, a daily soup, and an interchanging homemade dessert. If you drive a hard bargain and that wasn't enough to sell you, their display of freshly baked breads, doughnuts, cupcakes, and other pastries definitely should.

5. Press Coffee + Crepes

cream, cake, pancake, sweet, crepe, pastry, chocolate, jam
Ashley Andrews
Press Coffee + Crepes is the final place I visited on my brunch endeavor. This aesthetically pleasing joint is the perfect place to venture when you have some free time. Their coffee and drink menu is extensive and well crafted, and their brunch ranges from sweet potatoes with all the fixings (bless up) to scrambles to crepes. Amazing, melt-in-your-mouth crepes, or "really thin pancakes" as described by Will Ferrell. Having had an OG crepe from the motherland-Paris of course-I would say that those at the Press are pretty high quality. AKA, you won't be disappointed and will most definitely want another to take home.