Being a host/hostess with the most/most-ess is not an easy job, especially during college visits. To ease the pain of planning, here’s a list of the best spots to show the parental units when they come to pay a visit to the ATL.



General Muir

Photo by Sydney Weiner


Having just gotten written up once again in the The New York Times, General Muir serves up some great Jewish-Deli style food with a southern twist. With favorites such as their latkes, deviled eggs and open-faced bagels (arguably the best in the South), general Muir gives campus visitors a taste of what a “typical” Sunday morning might be like for Emory students. Right off campus in Emory Village, the restaurant is filled with students and locals alike.


West Egg Café

Photo by Rebecca Rosen


For more of a taste of the southern-style brunch people are always raving about, head over to West Egg Café. With their wide assortment of coffees, pastries and nontraditionally-traditional dishes, there’s something for everyone to love on the menu. Located around twenty minutes off campus, West Egg is a good choice if running into fellow Eagles is not on the agenda.



Kale Me Crazy

Photo by Suzie Waltzer


Amidst all of the fried and refried items found in the ATL, it never hurts to pack in some serious health conscious items to brighten your day. Fresh pressed juices and colorful salads make for a healthy alternative without swapping out the great taste. Also, don’t forget to try their famous acai bowls. (An Instagram “right of passage” for most Emory freshmen)


The Yogurt Tap

Photo by Sydney Wiener


This self-serve fro-yo joint may look typical, but it happens to be anything but. The flavors are homemade and unique (dairy free almond butter, honey rosemary, peanut butter and chocolate covered strawberries just to name a few) Their toppings are also far from typical having recently added sea salt, flax seeds and chia seeds to their already diverse array of options. Located in Decatur, the Tap is not too far of a drive off campus and is open late making it perfect for those late night cram sessions.


Fellini’s Pizza

Photo by Suzie Waltzer


A student favorite, Fellini’s pizza is a necessity when in and around campus. Simple fresh house salads with a creamy Italian dressing is a great way to start the meal, ending with a classic Fellini’s pie. Pies are customizable (toppings as well as size) and are great for lunch or just to stop by and snack a bit. Whether its after a long night out or the highlight of a night in, Fellini’s never seems to disappoint.



The Iberian pig

Photo by Suzie Waltzer

Located in Decatur, the Iberian Pig combines the tastes of Spain with a nuvo-American flair. With a very romantic ambiance the mood is set for a social evening. Cheese platters, various “carnes” and even mac n cheese all make their way onto the Iberian Pig’s diverse menu. Make sure to make a reservation because come Thursday through Sunday it will be crawling with people, though not necesarilly those of the Emory variety.



No. 246

Photo by Suzie Waltzer


Also located in Decatur, No. 246 is like a little slice of NYC in the heart of ATL. Great wait staff and “trendy décor are just some of the things that make No. 246 stand out amongst its Italian eats counterparts. The food can be characterized as new Italian-American, with choices like homemade pastas, pizza, and fish. The rustic feel and the fact that the restaurant serves “locally sourced” ingredients are just two more of the many reasons it has been rated as one of the top Italian restaurants in Atlanta.