Parent's Weekend is a wonderful time at Colorado College. We have a great opportunity to get off campus and eat real food. One weekend a year is not much time, but there are plenty of good restaurants to take your parents to for any occasion. Here is our list of the best places to eat in Colorado Springs. Challenge: can you hit all of them in one day? 

Over Easy: Breakfast/Brunch  

Over Easy is the undisputed best brunch in Colorado Springs. They have everything from pancakes and French toast to omelettes and scrambled eggs. The food is good enough to make you and your parents forget how early you all woke up to "spend quality time together."

The downtown location is always busy and may have a wait, but lucky for us, they have two other locations nearby. 

Paninos: Lunch 

Panino's is the go-to spot for an easy lunch. If your family is tired of talking to each other by this point in the day, the warm goodness of Panino's breadsticks will give everyone something else to focus on. In addition to their famous Panino sandwiches (pizza but with all of the cheese and toppings rolled into a sandwich), they also offer classics such as pizza and pasta dishes.  

Skirted Heifer: All-Day Burgers

The Skirted Heifer has been ranked the best burger in Colorado Springs for the past four years. The small, homey restaurant downtown serves up skirted (cheese-covered) and naked burgers along with delicious fries. CC students get a free drink with their Gold Card. This place is the perfect spot for when your family needs to refuel after a long day of exploring downtown. Be sure to convince your parents to get a serving of custard to wash everything down.  

Phantom Canyon: Dinner 

The Phantom Canyon Brewing Company is the perfect crowd-pleasing restaurant. The fried pickles and loaded potato skin appetizers are good enough to make your parents forget the grades that you told them about. An adventurous family member might be willing to try their peanut butter and jelly burger, but the other burgers and sandwiches will appeal to anyone. Those over 21 can also enjoy their large selection of craft beers. 

Broadmoor: Fancy Dinner 

The Broadmoor is a must-see when family comes to visit. Browsing the shops and walking around the lake can provide a full afternoon of entertainment. There are several causal dining spots on the property to enjoy, but if you plan ahead, you can make a reservation at one of the fancier restaurants. Your parents might complain initially, but the experience will remind them how much they love visiting you in Colorado Springs.   

Josh & Johns: Ice Cream  

Josh and Johns Ice Cream is an iconic Colorado Springs establishment. Their flavors, such as Purple Mountain Majesty and Colorado Cookies and Cream, are delicious and can't be found anywhere else. Take advantage of your whole family coming by bringing your punch card and gettting extra stamps for the large order. There is no such thing as too much ice cream during one visit, so feel free to go more than once this weekend. 

Parent's Weekend is a special time to visit and reconnect with your parents. Taking time to enjoy a good meal in Colorado Springs is just one way to spend time with your family. Remember, they'll splurge because they love you.