On a beautiful Sunday morning what’s better than grabbing a bite to eat in town? I’ll tell you – sleeping in, but the beauty of brunch is that you can sleep ’til noon and STILL have your favorite blueberry pancakes.

Whether you’re looking for some syrupy french toast or a club sandwich, brunch is the way to go. Here are some great spots in West Chester to devour breakfast or lunch – whichever you’re in the mood for.

Nudy’s Cafe


Photo by Karlie DeCola

Craving this creamy salmon florentine? Maybe cinnamon bun pancakes? Or even a Granny Smith chicken salad? Then go to Nudy’s and you won’t be disappointed.

With eight locations you don’t have to be in West Chester to enjoy their dishes. Nudy’s specialty meals range from lobster Benedict to apple cake french toast – unique combos that always surprise your taste buds. Don’t be afraid to try their strange pairings because you’ll be shocked by what you put in your mouth.

The Classic Diner


Photo by Erica Singer

Right in the heart of town, The Classic Diner is the place to grab lunch in Dub C. This charming hot spot makes sure that each guest gets the “Classic” experience. With mason jar glasses, and modern local artwork this restaurant is a trendy place to hang out with your friends.

Here, you can find anything from heavenly pastries to a cheesy reuben. Above, is their french toast – when topped with their creamy cinnamon butter you’ll never go back to plain old butter. After one meal at The Classic Diner you’ll become a regular.

Roots Cafe


Photo courtesy of @leahharper01 on Instagram

If you’re looking for a sustainable, organic and seasonal restaurant then Roots Cafe is the place for you. Roots works to make a greener environment for their customers with reusable dishware and locally sourced ingredients. Their seasonal menu is constantly changing, but that only makes their dishes more interesting.

Menu items range from farmers omelettes to juicy bison burgers – food for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The best part is Roots Cafe serves breakfast and lunch all day, so you can satisfy your brunch cravings any time you want. This restaurant’s chill atmosphere will have anyone coming back for more.

Country Bagel


Photo by Sarah Jeffers

With over two dozen flavors and a long list of cream cheeses, any bagel lover will be in heaven at Country Bagel. You can find any kind of bagel here – jalapeno cheddar, cinnamon sugar, egg, the list goes on and on, but luckily they aren’t the only meal on the menu.

Country Bagel offers wraps, pastries, soups and salads in addition to their signature items. So if you don’t want a carb overload, don’t worry you have options.

My favorite part though is the cream cheese – with ten plus flavors I’m always excited to try a new one. Once you eat Country Bagel’s cream cheese it’ll definitely be your favorite bagel joint.

Market Street Grill


Photo by Grace Li Terramin

In the mood for this fruity parfait and an omelette filled with all your favorite toppings? Run over to the Market Street Grill and chow down on their brunch dishes. With breakfast served all day and a packed lunch menu, this restaurant will exceed expectations.

The upbeat atmosphere and fresh-off-the-grill meals keep me going back. Market Street Grill is known for their massive parfait and famous burritos, two plates that will make your taste buds happy. The next time you’re on Market Street be sure to fulfill your afternoon cravings.


Photo by Rachel Rimmele

If you’re drooling over this gooey breakfast sandwich, you know where to go. Be sure to stop by Dub C and try these brunch dishes next Sunday – I’m sure you won’t regret it.